It is time for the Holmdel Republican Party to finally come together and “Reject” the politics of deception and personal destruction being circulated by the current mayor and his campaign team. It is time to set the record straight on three specific topics

1.    Attacks Against Vicky Flynn & the School District: Greg Buontempo and his campaign have focused their campaign upon negative attacks against Vicky Flynn and the school budget while touting the “flat” budget of the Township Committee.  Here are the real facts he is not telling you:

FACT: Greg Buontempo refuses to control tax increases by hoarding all of the tax revenue the Township collects from Bell Works and Toll Brothers Project to balance the Township’s budget. 

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FACT: Greg Buontempo refuses to fulfill the promise the Township Committee made to Holmdel residents to share a portion of the PILOT revenues with the school district.  

FACT: In the 2019, the Township received $3 million of PILOT funds, and in 2020, anticipate another $2 million.  None of that will be shared with the schools because Greg wants to claim that his political opponent is responsible for any increases in taxes. 

FACT: Greg Buontempo refuses to share the cost of security with the schools to provide police presence at our schools to properly protect our children.

FACT: Greg Buontempo depletes the Township’s budget surplus so that he can campaign on presenting a “flat” budget; yet, the Township’s expenses increase in the double digits each year under his leadership.  

The truth is that if the Township’s budget did not rely on PILOT revenue, SURPLUS funds and DEBT, the Township would have a very underwater budget.  

The truth is our school system attracts families to Holmdel because it provides our children with a strong education foundation so that they may be productive citizens while also allowing us to maintain HIGH property values.

The truth is that Vicky Flynn and the dedicated volunteers on the Board of Education, prepare a fiscally responsible school budget to help maintain our highly rated school system.  

The truth is that Greg Buontempo is using for a political purpose the increase with the school district budget that is related to the increase voted on by Holmdel voters to support the Holmdel 2020 construction projects, which are on time and on budget. 

Do not allow Greg Buontempo three more years to play games with your tax dollars to score political points for an election.



2.    The Republican Endorsed Candidates: Greg Buontempo and his campaign would like you to believe that the so called “party bosses” of the Republican party are why they have not been placed in the official endorsed Republican line. That is not true. 

FACT: The Holmdel County Committee are made up of two of your neighbors from every voting district in town, and they were voted for by you, the residents of Holmdel.  They were not appointed by some “magical wave of the party bosses’ wand.”  

FACT:  Greg Buontempo was selected to run as a Republican Candidate in the past by the County Committee but due to his lack of leadership skills and his tendency to personally attack members of our community (as once again demonstrated by his attacks on Vicky Flynn), the County Committee would not endorse him to represent our community any further. 

FACT: Greg Buontempo decided to sue the Republican party because he was not endorsed by the County Committee, which resulted in the expenditure of taxpayer dollars for Greg’s own personal political benefit.   

FACT: DJ’s family roots within Holmdel and business acumen are unparalleled in this election. 

FACT: Vicky is uniquely qualified to work with all of our elected officials in Holmdel together to create fiscally responsible budgets and work together for the benefit of the families of Holmdel.

The truth is that DJ and Vicky were chosen by the Holmdel County Committee (made up of 20 Holmdel residents) because the committee recognized that Holmdel needs a change.  

The truth is that we cannot accomplish what needs to be done in this Township by political infighting and divisive leaders.  

The truth is that Greg Buontempo resorts to political backstabbing and denigrates other respected people within our community to gain political favor.  He also spends our taxpayer dollars to achieve his political goals.  As a result, he is not trusted by the Holmdel Republican Party to lead our community. 

The truth is that Greg Buontempo has been at the center of this political deception and personal destruction for years.  

The truth is that the Holmdel County Committee said “no more” and decided it is time for real leadership that can unite our community again.  

Elect those candidates who have proven leadership skills who can run a business and understand the value of limited government. 



3.    FAILED BUONTEMPO LEADERSHIP:   Here is an abbreviated list of the Mayor’s failed leadership:

FACT: In his last election, Greg promised the Town a new library at Bell Works at “no cost to the residents of Holmdel".  The library will cost the taxpayers more than $2 million dollars. 

FACT: When asked why he lied about the cost of the new library, Greg Buontempo doubled down on his lies and deception, and at public meetings, claimed that he never said the Library wouldn’t cost the taxpayers any money.  

FACT: Greg chaired the Fire Safety Committee that abruptly closed the firehouse in Southern Holmdel without a plan to keep those residents safe.  Six years later, South Holmdel remains at risk due to the lack of a firehouse to protect our residents.

FACT: Greg claims he did not support or approve the affordable housing plans for Holmdel.  This is not true because Greg chaired the Affordable Housing Committee that chose to put ALL of the new housing units in northern Holmdel where they already have documented flooding issues.

FACT: Greg placed the Township at risk of extensive building and litigation when he failed to vote in favor of the affordable housing plan that he had previously supported. Greg did this because he is in the middle of an election and he is trying to win votes from the residents of northern Holmdel. He then missed the emergency meeting needed to vote in favor of the affordable housing plan that he had supported. 

FACT: On the recent CILU candidate forum, Greg took credit for the beautiful new fields at Phillips Park. He said he cannot wait for the day our kids can get out and use them.  Yet, Greg never voted in favor of that project.  He is instead motivated for a photo op rather than telling voters the truth. 

FACT:  Whenever it is time for the Township to vote for the recreation improvements, Greg takes actions to delay those votes and ultimately fails to show up for those meetings to record his vote.  

The Bottom Line: It is for these reasons and many more that the people in Holmdel have lost faith in Mayor Buontempo.  This is why the County Committee voted for change in placing DJ and Vicky in Column 1. 

Vote based upon FACTS not LIES. The future of Holmdel is in your hands!  If you haven’t done so yet., please mail in your ballot and Vote for Vicky Flynn and DJ Luccarelli.