June 7, 2020

“It Takes a Village” is a famous African proverb that recognizes the importance of looking out for the children of the community to ensure that they are raised in a safe and healthy environment.  A similar approach should be embraced by our public officials. If our elected officials remain focused upon working together and treating one another with mutual respect, they would be able to accomplish much for our community.

Vicky Flynn and DJ Luccarelli embody the characteristics it takes to move our community forward.  As a life-long resident of Holmdel, I ask you to support Vicky and DJ in the upcoming primaries so that they may serve as members of the Holmdel Township Committee.

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Vicky Flynn is driven by a desire to do the right thing.  Vicky has cemented her role in this community by volunteering countless hours to ensure that our children are raised in a safe and healthy environment. Soon after she moved to Holmdel, she raised her hand to volunteer as the President of the Village School PSA (the parent group).  Working with a team of dedicated volunteers, the PSA accomplished great things for our Village School students and staff.  She then applied those talents by volunteering her time to be a member of the Board of Education. Vicky’s willingness to make a difference here in our community has never faltered.  She sets high expectations for herself and balances her role as mother, wife, lawyer and community leader with great success.  She is a strong advocate for the advancements in our schools, the arts and sports, and a strong role model for young women.  I have tremendous faith in her ability to serve our town.

DJ is a tried and true Holmdel resident. He decided to remain in Holmdel to raise his lovely family and does whatever he can to ensure that he leaves this community better than he left it, so that his children, too, can share in the pride of being a Holmdel resident.  DJ owned and  ran Dearborn Farms, one of my favorite local businesses because its distinctive Holmdel brand evokes quality and superior customer service. DJ’s work in the business and in the community is widely respected, and he has valuable insights that can have a tremendous impact on the proper function required in a municipal government.

Our Township Committee would benefit from the knowledge DJ has developed as a life-long resident, successful small business owner and community volunteer.  I believe DJ would make us proud as a representative of the community we all love.

I would have never imagined that I would be writing an endorsement for candidates seeking political office. I now feel compelled to do so on behalf of my family.  We know from those interactions we have with many Holmdel families in recent months that they are tired of the negativity and lack of teamwork exhibited by our current Township leaders.  

It is time for a change and it takes a village to bring about the change that is needed to build a brighter future for Holmdel.

Vicky Flynn and DJ Luccarelli will be getting our votes for Township Committee, and we hope that they will get yours too. 

You should be receiving a mail in ballot for the upcoming primaries.  Please return your ballot as soon as you receive it and cast a vote in favor of Vicky and DJ.  Your community depends upon it!


Sue and Steve Gordon and Son Torre