Letter to the Editor:


Former Holmdel Committeeman Ponisi Endorses Hinds & Liu

My name is Joe Ponisi Sr. and as some of you may recall, I was on the Township Committee for four years with Eric Hinds (from 2012-2016). As a result of this association, I not only have a very unique perspective on Eric and his leadership skills, but more importantly on his integrity and loyalty to Holmdel.

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Please do not buy into the distortions and mistruths that have been circulating within Holmdel. These lies are 100% political in nature, have little basis in truth and are only trying to attack Eric and his reputation.

The fact is, with Eric’s leadership, we have transformed what was once the largest vacant commercial property in the United States, into a vibrant building and property now known as Bell Works. Since its inception, the Bell Works facility has not only created jobs for many people, it has generated much needed tax revenue which is currently being used to rebuild our roads and infrastructure.

With this additional revenue, I can personally attest to the fact that Eric is also committed to providing property tax relief to you, our residents.
In April of this year, further demonstrating his leadership abilities, Eric applied to Moody’s for a credit rating and Holmdel received a Triple A rating. This rating reflects an incredible 4-step upgrade in our credit worthiness from where it was in March of 2010. I have spent 23 years of my financial career in the municipal bond industry analyzing the credit worthiness of municipalities like Holmdel, and based on my personal knowledge, I can assure you that we as residents of Holmdel can be extremely proud of this achievement as it is the highest possible rating given by the agency.

In their analysis Moody’s cites Holmdel’s sizeable tax base with very strong wealth levels, improved financial position that is expected to remain strong in the near-term, and low debt burden. This financial assessment, in combination with our well regarded school system, is what continually makes Holmdel a desirable town to live and raise a family and what ultimately keeps our property values strong.

All of these facts prove that this is not the time to change leadership but to stay the course with someone who can continue to lead us in the right direction; that person is Eric Hinds and together with Ms. Chiung-Yin Liu, they create a great team that will continue to push Holmdel forward for the next three years.

Respectively submitted,
Joe Ponisi, Sr.
Former Holmdel Township Committeeman