Dear Holmdel Residents,

The last few months have been challenging times.  The pandemic has caused havoc to everyone's lives in one way or another, and the impact upon the education system is no different.  Schools throughout the country are in the throes of unprecedented summer planning so that they are prepared to be open to students and staff in the safest way possible. 

As a former member of the Board of Education and educator of more than three decades, I know that the Holmdel School District will be ready on September 14 as students return to a safe environment due to the support provided to the District by the volunteers of our Holmdel Board of Education, under the leadership of its President, Vicky Flynn. 

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As an educator, I value the commitment and passion that drives Vicky every day to serve our community as a member of the Board of Education.  During the years when I served on the Board with Vicky, I observed how she works countless hours to make sure the needs of ALL students involved in ALL areas (academics, athletics, arts, special needs, STEM). Vicky works closely with all the board members to listen to their concerns, capitalize on their expertise, and ensure that they are informed on all decisions.  Under her leadership, she demanded transparency so that the Holmdel Community would be informed in all that the Board does -- it is no wonder that the community demonstrated its support for the school district when it voted overwhelmingly in favor of the Holmdel 2020 construction projects, which are poised to be completed on time and within budget.

Holmdel needs leadership from people like Vicky now more than ever due to the challenges our community faces during this pandemic.  That is why it has been disheartening to watch Vicky come under attack by her political opponents for simply being an exceptional leader of our school system.  While people may be willing to brush off these personal attacks directed towards Vicky and the school district as "politics as usual," I refuse to do so because I know we can do better as a community.  Our schools and their leaders need the support of our community now more than ever as education sails through uncharted waters and transforms into a new reality.  There is a tremendous amount of work that needs to be done to ensure that schools are ready to open on September 14.  Any attempt to undermine the hard work of one of the best school districts in the state is counterproductive and, honestly, offensive during this state of emergency. 

I also admire how DJ Luccarelli has stood up for our school district at this time in the face of this political assault.  I admire that he understands the value of our elected officials -- on the Board of Education and Township Committee -- working together to ensure that our tax dollars are invested back into this community to address its needs and minimize the impact upon taxpayers. I value the dedication of community service -- both as a business member who would never say no to donating to any cause for our community or as a member of our Zoning Board.

I hope this community will choose to support people of integrity to lead our community during this state of emergency.  Politics as usual has no place in our government during this pandemic.  As we close this Fourth of July weekend, please join me in voting for Vicky Flynn and DJ Luccarelli in the upcoming Republican Primary, by mailing your ballot today or voting on Tuesday at Village School (District 5 & 9) or the Community Center (Districts 1-4, 6-8 & 10).  

Thank you.

Warm regards,
Lori Ammirati