COLTS NECK, N.J. - Life can change in a heartbeat, quite literally. For Thomas Karl Kober, that is precisely what happened. "Just before five in the morning, my husband Tommy's heart stopped beating and his respirations ceased in a matter of seconds." said Abbey Feiler-Kober. "I pulled him off the bed and started CPR. I immediately called 911 for their directions and support."

There is very little time to survive Sudden Cardiac Arrest. In approximately six minutes, the damage is typically irreversible. Tom Kober was running out of time. However, at that critical moment, his wife Abbie took action. This enabled the life saving response chain to move into high gear. Said Kober in a letter thanking the Colts Neck Police Department, "Thank you. You run toward things that most other people run away from. You assessed my husband and took over CPR for me, continuing life saving work and preparing for the EMT's to arrive to give my husband the best odds of survival. Every word, every gesture and every way that you kept control of the situation enabled me to to be stronger for our family. Thank you."

Abbey Feiler-Kober, long dedicated to worthy causes, was now on the front line of the most important cause of all - saving her husbands life. Fortunately, Abbie remained focused and had the presence of mind to immediately call 911, begin CPR and start the chain of survival that provided her husband the opportunity to survive and to quickly begin the road to recovery. "Thank you to every last medical technician that came to Abbey Farm that day. You are the difference between life and death. You are the calm voice amongst the chaos that told me everything was going to be okay."

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His destination, only six weeks later, was the Colts Neck Township Committee meeting. He and Abbie were there to express thanks to the men and women who came to his aid and expedited the emergency services that were critical to his survival. 

Tom Kober wrote, "Thank you doesn't envelope the enormous amount of people that you touch. I am forever grateful for your heroism and bravery."

 See video below as Committeeman Bartolomeo read his letter:


Special thanks was offered to:

Patrolman Matthews, Patrolman Kapp, Patrolman Campman & Sgt Reed

MONOC Paramedics Rachael Hearon and Matthew McClennan

Colts Neck First Aid - Greg Williams, Ruth Bender, TJ Hanlon, Vickie Sherman, Elaine Hempstead, Chuck Fredda & Alex Pridmore

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