Altrui Foundation, founded by former Holmdel students: Shreya Kavuru, Rahul Kavuru, and Sourish Jasti, is a nonprofit organization, dedicated to helping communities in need by closing the gaps in the healthcare and education sectors. The foundation’s main initiative, Altrui Rx, works to redirect unused short-dated medications that would otherwise be destroyed, from pharmaceutical manufacturers to charitable organizations. This way the medications, which are expensive to destroy, would instead go into the hands of people and communities in dire need. 

This past month, Altrui Foundation’s website development team has been working strenuously through long nights to finalize the launch of Altrui’s 2L platform. Developers: Justin Zhang, Tom Sui, Daniel Yuan, Dhvani Mistry, and Daniel Tobengauz designed the 2L to create an easier and standardized system that facilitates the move of short-dated medications from manufacturer warehouses to charitable organizations. 

Through the platform, Altrui hopes that manufacturers will be more attracted to using a simplified method to donating medications instead of resorting to the common method of destruction to avoid extensive back-and-forth communication with NGOs that returns minimal profit. Altrui provides manufacturers a transparent view of the process with 2L, including easy-to-access legal documentation of all charitable organizations that they donate to, and data on their donation impact (donation worth, pills donated, weight, etc.). Additionally, 2L serves as a well-designed, simplistic, and intuitive interface for manufacturers to upload their inventory lists and packing slips. 

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The initial prototyping involved a basic HTML version of the platform – under which the development team worked to perfect their medication allocation algorithm and data-calculation scripts. Subsequently, the design and frontend team drafted up new interfaces for users that accommodated easy-to-use functionality as well as a pleasurable user experience. 

To create the best user-experience, the developer team created an easy-to-use dashboard, which essentially acts as a to-do list for both parties to track the tasks needed to be completed along with time frames. The method alleviates the frequent problems with time pressure and efficiency that were experienced via email, due to the clutter of spam and hefty email chains. Moreover, the 2L has an order-history feature, which stores the exact amounts of donated medication, delivery dates, and all data on every order done through Altrui. Essentially, Altrui Rx would like to turn 2L into an ultimate streamlined platform for short-dated medication donation, as it is easily navigable, and aids detailed directions to partners at each phase of the order. 

All the developers faced great hurdles through the process – as novels in the field of website design – including learning about internet protocols, modern website-building procedures, codebase implementation, and tying together the frontend and backend, to name a few. 

Justin Zhang, the Director of Altrui Rx and Software Development, writes: “After numerous hours on Zoom calls working it all out, we tied all the parts together to create the 2L platform -- the one-stop-shop for manufacturers and organizations to place and facilitate short-dated medication so that they can be directed to communities in need, uninsured patients, and disaster areas.”