I’m writing to my fellow Holmdel residents with an important message:   

As a proud graduate of Holmdel High School, I was fortunate enough to earn my way back into this great town, where my wife and I are now raising our three children. I fondly recall what this town was, and know intimately what it should be.

I want to make sure that you realize right now is a very important time for our town.

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As many of you know – there’s a July 7th, Holmdel Republican Primary on the horizon.  Over the past 18 months, our township has devolved into chaos.  You may not feel it yet in your everyday lives, but it’s there.  With every negative headline and every lawsuit draining taxpayer dollars, we lose credibility.  We are risking the loss of Holmdel's status as a jewel in the crown of New Jersey.

That’s why I am humbly asking you to vote for Vicky Flynn and DJ Luccarelli for Holmdel Township Committee. Flynn and Luccarelli are the only Holmdel candidates on the official Republican line. 

Vicky and DJ have a strong legacy of service to our community.  

As President of the Board of Education, Vicky spear-headed Holmdel 2020 – a revolutionary advancement in infrastructure that will provide our children with cutting-edge educational, athletic, and technological resources to help them prepare for college and beyond - and further our reputation as a premier school district.  Also as research concludes, every dollar spent on improving our schools increases the value of our homes.

DJ Luccarelli’s legacy is well-known in our town, his grandfather was founder of their family business Dearborn Farms.  But in addition to his experience in financial planning, operations and resource-balancing as Vice President of Dearborn Farms – he’s enthusiastically supported countless Holmdel charities and organizations, is an active member of Holmdel Kiwanis, and serves as an appointed member of our Zoning Board.  

Their collective record of service stands on its own merit.  

That’s why they are running with President Trump, Congressman Chris Smith, County Clerk Christine Giordano Hanlon, and Freeholder Lillian G. Burry – and endorsed by other prominent Republicans like Assemblyman Gerry Scharfenberger, County Chairman Shaun Golden, Freeholder Director Tom Arnone, and Freeholder Pat Impreveduto.

Their opponent; sitting Mayor Greg Buontempo – cannot say the same. Greg Buontempo’s record as a public servant is of great concern to many – and should be of concern to you as well.

As Committeeman and Mayor, Greg Buontempo has done the following:

  • As the township’s liaison to the Holmdel Library, he promised his fellow Committee-people and our residents that he could structure a deal that would be at ZERO cost to taxpayers when the library was moved to Bell Works.  In fact, he ran specifically on that platform in his last election.  That unfulfilled promise will cost us more than $2 million dollars.
  • Greg Buontempo was solely responsible for evaluating the firehouse on Main Street, recommending it shut down to the Township Committee, and driving its closing.  The cost of that decision has been two devastating fires in Holmdel, over the past two years.  We should be thankful no lives have been lost.
  • Greg has also strongly supported the explosion of low income housing in our town – resulting in at least one apartment complex right near residential neighborhoods.  

Bill Parcells once famously said, “You are what your record says you are”.  Sometimes it’s really that simple.  I’m voting for the candidates with a record of decisive leadership, a legacy of service to our community, and – above all else – integrity.

Please vote for Republicans: Vicky and DJ: a vote for Flynn and Luccarelli is a vote for Holmdel!


Rocco Impreveduto