HOLMDEL, NJ, Fresh off the investigation of former Township Administrator Donna Vieiro, Holmdel is poised to keep it going with a new one.

Committeeman Greg Buontempo has asked for a special meeting and about 'supoena powers' in regard to professional engineering services for recreational fields.

The special  meeting for the investigation  is slated for September 12th at town hall.

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The issue is that some members of the governing body say they were not aware of nor authorized the municipal engineer to do professional services work for recreational fields. Also at issue is the listing of new turf  fields on the consent agenda. Several members indicated they were not aware of nor authorized the project. 

The Township Committee agenda is typically designed by staff with input from the Township Administrator and related professionals. It would include a list of bills payable, new ordinances and things of that nature.

It is put together by the Municipal Clerk and their staff. When complete, it is distributed to the members of the governing body prior to the meeting. In Holmdel, the Township Committee members have equal power and a Mayor and Deputy Mayor are appoointed for one year terms by the membership. One element of the agenda is called  the 'consent agenda'. This is for items that are typically non controversial and approved with a unanimous vote.

During typical municipal meetings in New Jersey, if there is an issue or concern with an item on the agenda, a member of the governing body may asked to have it pulled and voted upon separately or tabled.

In regard to the issue at hand, a multimillion dollar turf project was also included on the consent agenda for consideration. Views are split on it.

After the August meeting, the result is now a special meeting, discussions of sending out supoenas and a renewed focus on the administrator, Donna Vieiro.

Vieiro recently resigned in 'good standing' and will receive full salary and health insurance benefits for the rest of the year (per a recent OPRA request from TAPinto Holmdel and Colts Neck).

Vieiro had been hit with a number of allegations that were previously reported upon. While the focus is on Vieiro, as seen in the unedited video below, the turrets of one faction of the governing body are now pointing at other  members of the Township Committee as well. On September 12, Holmdel residents can see first hand the results of the investigation as it unfolds in public.

You can view Buontempo's comments about a special meeting and supoenas at approximately minute 28:00. (Courtesy CILU)