Dear Editor, 

“When they go low, we go high…”

Politics in this country are getting uglier and uglier. It is heartbreaking how divisive the world has become. However, in my small town of Holmdel, I am witnessing a brutal smear campaign against a local politician that rivals them all.  

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I am writing to “go high” – and endorse Mayor Eric Hinds and Chiung-yin Cheng Liu for Township Committee. I know Eric as a friend, but more importantly, I have seen how effective and amazing he has been on the Township Committee—both as mayor and as councilman. Because it would take hundreds of pages to write all his accomplishments, I am just going to highlight a recent few…

  • Fiscal responsibility through innovative and intelligent tax-saving programs. 
  • Moody Triple AAA Rating – increases our town and property values significantly.
  • Keeping taxes flat for the last four years!
  • Road improvements, with 20% savings over previous paving.
  • Bell Works – Mayor Hinds was instrumental in making this dream a reality.
  • Community Outreach – working tirelessly with the schools and town hall to create community involvement with new programs and events.
  • Fire House Innovation and Safety – 11 new volunteers and a new station coming soon!
  • Communication – from emails to phone calls to newsletters to an improved website, we are always aware of what is happening in Holmdel.
  • Preserved Open Space, including Callan farms and 60 acres in South Holmdel 
  • Holmdel Youth—with new networking events, volunteer and recreational sport programs, as well as special family events that will become beloved traditions. 
  • Senior outreach – with new workshops and specialized clinics.

So that’s the part where we “go high.” The “going low” part is being taken care of by the opponents. What is horrible about this recent campaign is that two or three people are outright lying to try and destroy him. Not just beat him…but destroy his reputation, his legacy, his past accomplishments.  And everything they are saying (through paid “robo-calls” and false, slanderous mailers) are absolute and complete LIES.  

If you watch the township videos and the recent hearings, you will see for yourselves, that there is no basis for their accusations. I attended the meetings, there was no indication AT ALL that Mayor Hinds had anything to do with any misappropriations. 

Throughout it all, Eric has made a promise to campaign with integrity and honor and try to pay no nonsense to the liars. He knows that eventually good overcomes evil and he wants to be a stalwart example to his family.  So his friends, family and supporters can only rally around him and act with honor and honesty, and hope the truth is evident and that good sense prevails. 

As they go lower, we will go higher. My hope is that Holmdel residents see through this vitriol smear attack and know that your town is in excellent hands with Mayor Hinds. He is enthusiastic and excited about Holmdel, and wants to lead in the most transparent, hands-on way possible.  I am proud to support my friend and our Mayor – and I look forward to all the exciting news and innovations in 2020.   Vote Hinds/Liu on Tuesday, November 5.

Thank you,  Sally Russo,  Holmdel, NJ