Letter to the Editor

Over the decades, Holmdel has enjoyed stellar leadership. These men and woman used their steady hands to create a historical and lasting legacy of growth and opportunity. Examples:

  • Holmdel School System
  • Holmdel Police Department
  • Ramenessin Trails
  • Preserving the Chase Tract
  • Preserving DePalma Farms
  • Preserving F and F Nurseries
  • Redeveloping Bell Works
  • Cross Farm Park Recreation Imrovements
  • Roggy Stadium Interlocal
  • Bayonet Farms Preservation 
  • Preserving Philips Park 

We have also experienced periods of unsteadiness. Disunity and infighting, particularly in 2019 and continuing thus far into 2020, costs Holmdel time, money, talent and reputation.  Continued distractions don't warrant the Township Committee, or voters, attention.

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We have a government to run.

Serving as a twice elected member of the Holmdel School Board, previously as a nine-year Township Committeeman and a public sector professional, I encourage all to focus on problem solving and partnering with others of all political viewpoints to get good things done. Holmdel has over a dozen municipal departments that require steady leadership: Administration, Zoning, Planning, Engineering, Recreation, Code Enforcement, Police, Fire, Emergency Management, Finance, Public Works, Purchasing and more. 

Every minute and dollar squandered on political fights that are not focused on municipal departments are dollars and minutes not used to install solar, improve IT, fill potholes, pave roads, pay police, plan for a new firehouse, improve services, fight the gas company, lower taxes, improve zoning and planning, pick up your leaves and improve recreation.

Elected officials have the right to feel strongly about issues, and they should argue for these beliefs with a full voice. It needs to connect, however, to a legitimate, relevant outcome that can be appreciated by the voters. 

Holmdel officials have invested enough time throwing bricks. Let’s gather them up and build something on which we can all walk on together. 

Terence M. Wall, MPS, RMC, QPA, AHP (writing as an individual and not as a member of the Holmdel Board of Education)