HOLMDEL, NJ - I trust and hope that you all enjoyed the holidays with friends and family. 'Tis the season to
share in the joy of life, cherishing memories of days gone by, and embracing each moment with
loved ones.

As I write in reflection on my last nine years as a Township Committeeman, I am very proud.

It was not always easy, but it was always productive. I leave knowing that I have done my best, and we have accomplished great things, especially during my three years as Mayor.

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When you have and lead a great team, you accomplish great things. Nothing lasts forever. We hired the best staff this town has seen, and they have served their departments and our township well. I am proud to have had a hand in choosing these professionals.

Over the years I have collaborated with many to create programs and events for all ages, and especially for families. I have listened to the expertise of residents, met with professionals, and worked hard to make fiscally responsible decisions. These were all necessary and helped to achieve accolades for our township of Holmdel, save residents money, and aid in keeping Holmdel a desirable place to raise a family.

I believe implementing these practices, making an effort to be everywhere in the community, listening to what residents of all ages needed, wanted, or were concerned about and creating solutions were important. Due to all of this, we made a difference, and I am hopeful the community and new Township Committee will continue to cultivate, promote and support these efforts- especially:

1. Our Holmdel Township Newsletter, which started as "Hindsight" in 2015 and continued to inform residents monthly of township announcements, issues, events and more.

2. Extraordinary resident, volunteers, and sports team recognitions at Township Committee meetings.

3. Promote the success of Bell Works and welcome their involvement in our community and help to embrace their success and value with Holmdel residents.

4. Safety- continue the initiative started one year ago to recruit volunteer firefighters (gaining 11 in just one year). We must support our police, fire and first aid. Safety first!

5. Recreational improvements must continue. There is a vast opioid and obesity epidemic, and we need to provide proper outlets for our children and families. We are falling behind our surrounding communities and this needs to change.

6. Family inclusive experiences like Community Clean-up Day, where families, teams, scouts and others come together to make our town beautiful. Events like the Daddy-Daughter camp-out, recycling contests, and many more bring our youngest residents together to contribute in a positive way. Keep community alive and thriving!

7. Continue to keep taxes flat and find ways to reduce spending by thinking outside of the box. I am very proud of the new health benefits plan, which saved the town over $750,000 this year, our AAA credit rating, and working with Monmouth County on road projects.

8. Keep preserving open space. I am proud to drive by Callan Farms and see the 60 acres on Rte. 34 that were preserved this year.

9. Continue to build a strong relationship with our schools. 2020 will see the largest infrastructure improvement in our schools.

10. Most importantly, never lose sight of HOLMDEL and what benefits our residents. We as residents are all fortunate to live in this beautiful town. We should be grateful for all we have and strive to have and do more. I have always, and will always, try to do more and keep what's best for Holmdel in mind.
It has been my honor and privilege to serve as your Committeeman, Deputy Mayor, and Mayor over the last nine years.

I am thankful to all who have supported me and for the overwhelming outreach from the residents. Their hard work and the incredible response to our service to Holmdel gave me the push and incentive to always do more.
And to the people of Holmdel: your thoughtful kindness, appreciation, and, most of all, participation, made all our accomplishments possible.

Thank you all!
Have a safe and Happy New Year!