To the Editor:

I am thrilled to be one of Holmdel's six new County Committee Members.  Enormous thanks goes to all who helped spread the word and voted Column 3 in the Republican party. The 15 of us who ran in our individual districts (20 spots were available, 2 per district),  really are an exceptional group of people who want forward motion and good things for our town.  Earlier this year, we had stepped forward, asking to get involved and to help make a change in the status quo. County Committee is a position that most of us never knew existed in this town, and it's time that this Committee better represents how Holmdel lives and breathes in 2018. 


County Committee is the first elected position offered to an American citizen, and it holds a two-year term. There are 1 male and 1 female elected from each district, and there are 10 districts in our town. There are several responsibilities of a County Committee member.  They include helping the Holmdel and Monmouth County Republican Committees get their candidates elected, from the local township committee all the way up to a seat for the US Senate. In addition, we are to be a source of information to residents in our district, such as any road issues or building plans that are to be considered.  There is also the important responsibility of the County Committee being tasked with selecting, from those Republican candidates who come forth, the best Township Committee candidate to be a representative of the Republican party.  

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As a lifelong Republican, I am interested in bringing forth capable candidates for Township Committee who understand fiscal responsibilities, who want to maintain the beauty of Holmdel but also bring about much-needed improvements, and want us to be on par with similar towns in the state. County Committee does not dictate nor vote on township policy or any issues but they do vote as a group on who to put forward to Township Committee that will have that authority.It's time that more residents of this great town are involved in this critical selection process. 


There has been very little change in the membership of the County Committee in Holmdel in the 11 years I have lived here.  Bringing 'new blood' into our town's political process is a very good thing as we see it.  In fact, the town of Colts Neck also just had a fresh crop of new members for County Committee, and they were actually encouraged and endorsed by the established Republican party to become involved.  


I look forward to 2 years from now when we can build on this long overdue change. During our campaigns and neighborhood chats, the feedback and encouragement we had from residents was very positive. We ran an honest campaign staying respectful of our neighbor opponents, we did not spend a dime and we did not use any social media. Although we faced many obstacles, we still won six seats. We are thrilled with the great start of 6 new members out of the 15 that we ran in Column 3, none of which were endorsed by the Republican Party, the Monmouth County Republican Party, Chairman Shaun Golden, or Assemblywoman Serena DiMaso who also sits on this County Committee. 


The other elected County Committee members are Rick Guarnaccia, also District 7, Mary Vassilakos and Matt Kline in District 6, and Joe Hernando and Valerie Marchiano in District 2.  Finally, thanks must go to Debbie Brew and Eric Hinds for opening our eyes and leading the way. They have the absolute best interest of Holmdel and its residents at heart. 


Many thanks,

~ Christine Schmitt, Member of the County Committee, Monmouth County Republican Party