NEW JERSEY - Jeff Tittel, a man considered to be synonymous with environmental preservation and advocacy, is retiring.

"In the 23 years that I have been with the New Jersey Sierra Club, we’ve had many accomplishments. We’ve been involved in writing and lobbying for most major environmental legislation, from the passage of the Highlands Act to the Global Warming Response Act. We worked together to help pass the private well testing law, the bear feeding ban, the indoor smoking ban, and the ban on smoking in our state parks and beaches. In the past few years, we helped pass the Plastic Bag Ban and get the DRBC to ban fracking in the Delaware River Basin." 

Tittel shared that he thought long and hard about moving on from a position he has pursued with passion for over two decades.

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He wrote, "This has been a tough decision for me. I have so many close friends that are part of my Sierra Club family and the environmental movement. However, after being an activist for most of my life, having COVID and being home for over a year, I think that I need to move on to the next phase. I was originally going to retire next February when I was 65, but I was able to take advantage of Sierra Club’s voluntary leave program this year." 

"Of all the titles and all of the awards that I’ve ever received, the one that means the most is to be called Chapter Director. Even though I’m retiring, this is not a goodbye. It is a transition to the next phase of activism and involvement. Even though I’m retiring, I am going to stay active and keep fighting for the issues I care about. I am also looking forward to getting involved in new issues." Tittel wrote.

"Over the years, we have worked to pass legislation that allowed for offshore wind in New Jersey, established a statewide electric vehicle charging system, and established a stable source of funding for Green Acres and open space preservation. We helped protect Starling Forest, pass New Jersey’s Fertilizer Law, the Electronic Waste Recycling Law, and helped write and design the Category 1 Surface Water Rules." wrote Tittle.

TittelI shared that he isn't leaving the playing field. He is moving on to his next life's journey and expressed thanks to all of his supporters and friends. "I want to thank you all for your support, your interest in the environment, and your dedication. Although I am closing this chapter of my life and career, I am also opening a new chapter with endless possibilities. I look forward to mentoring a new breed of activists and leaders, and learning what they can teach me in return. I look forward to writing, teaching, and spending more time with my grandchildren and my family. But most importantly, I look forward to continuing to fight to protect New Jersey’s environment for years to come."