MONMOUTH COUNTY, NJ: Hazlet's Hope Network, a nonprofit founded with the mission to guide those with drug addictions to a path of healing and recovery, celebrated 'A Year of Hope and Progress'.  The anniversary awards dinner was held at Buona Sera Catering in Ocean Township. It was a celebration marking one year of raising awareness and providing hope for those families dealing with drug addiction in the Bayshore area. The evening's event raised nearly $80,000 and was attended by over 200 supporters.

Many of the county's police chiefs were in attendance as well as state, county and local government officials. It is well known that drug addiction is an epidemic across the country and intervention and treatment for addiction are key to turning lives around.  According to statistics, New Jersey has an opioid addiction crisis like no other state.  In 2017 Monmouth County alone had 472 Narcan deployments, tragically 36 were unsuccessful. Families everywhere are affected, destroyed, trying to cure an often deadly disease that there is no easy cure for.

One mom whose son suffered greatly from drug addiction is Hazlet resident Laura O'Hara. Her son Philip Michael O'Hara hit rock bottom with his drug addiction, and survived with intervention and treatment. Mother and son are on a mission to help others have the chance of recovery that their family has had. Laura O'Hara along with Jim DiNardo, Angelo DeRosa, Thomas Furlong, Ellen Edward, Robert Nucci, Vincent Solomeno and Scott Whalen, are on the founding board of Hazlet's Hope Network.

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See powerful video testimony here of how local law enforcement is working with Hazlet's Hope Foundation to help guide those suffering with the disease of drug addiction to a path of recovery:

Hazlet's Hope Network operates a 24 hour a day, 7 days a week crisis line for those that are addicted and their families who are in need of assistance. That number is 732.739.7717.  Hazlet's Hope Network's volunteer certified recovery coaches use peer to peer based intervention to treat and overcome addiction. The organization's objective is to support the person seeking change and those that love them. They provide assistance and guidance towards healthy change to get them on the path to long term recovery.  

The Honorees for the evening's event were: Margaret Hernandez, Sheriff Shaun Golden, Prosecuter Christopher J. Gramiccioni and Chief Philip E. Meehan. They were all recognized for their dedication to raising awareness and promoting treatment and recovery paths for those coping with addiction. 

Event Honoree Sheriff Shaun Golden complimented the great work of Hazlet's Hope Network, mentioning, "It takes the 'proverbial village' to make a difference with the staggering statistics... 25% of the population in Monmouth County will somehow be touched with this disease (addiction)...the mission is to help those that are addicted..."  

The room was full of supporters of the network, law enforcement and government officials, healthcare workers who treat addiction, military folks, families going through Many recovery and addiction treatment facility business owners were present to show their support. Local businesses such as BCB Bayshore Community Bank was on site to show their support