We’re all so busy. We have our own priorities and important plans and agendas. Often, our attitude is: I don’t want to be inconvenienced. Don’t bother me with your problems. I’ve got enough problems of my own. But the Scripture says, “If anyone sees his brother in need yet closes his heart of compassion, how can the love of God be in him?” God’s Word implies that we each have a heart of compassion, but the question is whether it is opened or closed.

    Take my word for this: If you will focus on meeting other people’s needs, God will always make sure your needs are supplied. God will take care of your problems for you.

    Interestingly, Jesus was very patient with people. He took the time to listen to their stories. He wasn’t in a big hurry. He didn’t try to see how quickly He could get rid of a person so He could move on to somebody more important or do what He wanted to do. Instead, he patiently took the time to listen to each person’s struggles. And He did what was necessary to meet their needs.

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    Sometimes if we would just take the time to listen to people, we could help initiate a healing process in their lives. So many people today have hurt and pain bottled up inside them. If you can open your heart of compassion—and simply have an ear to listen, you may help lift that heavy burden. You don’t have to know all the answers. You just need to care.

    You will be amazed at what a positive impact you can have in the world if you will just learn to be a good listener. Throughout life, God will lead us to people in need. If you are sensitive to it, you will discern His supernatural love welling up inside you, directing you toward a person or situation that God wants to help through you. When you feel compassion toward someone, that’s God’s way of telling you to be a blessing to that person. Go encourage them. See how you can make his or her life better. Let love lead you through life. Don’t ever ignore that feeling of compassion inside you. Learn to follow the flow of God’s divine love. He will direct your paths and show you where and how to express it.

    Most of the time, when we reach out to other people, when we follow that flow of love, we think we’re doing it for their sakes, for their benefit. But I can tell you firsthand, sometimes God puts that compassion in our hearts as much for our own benefit as for others’.

    Keep your heart of compassion open. Learn to be quick to follow that flow of love God puts in your heart. Be sensitive and obedient to do what God wants you to do. You won’t be sorry—not now, or a million years from now!

Prayer: Lord God, thank you for the opportunities everyday to show compassion to people we come across and who are in our life. Grant us patience and help us to take the time to help others in need. When we take our focus off of ourselves and put it on others through Your guidance we will show our hearts of compassion and fulfill our purpose in this short life. Thank you for others who have taken the time and have showed us hearts of compassion. Amen!

Have a Blessed Day! :)     "Be imitators of God, therefore, as dearly loved children and live a life of love, just as Christ loved us and gave himself up for us as a fragrant offering and sacrifice to God."—Ephesians 5:1-2

Steve Coltrain grew up in Middletown. Graduated from University of South Florida-Business Marketing. Director of Business Development at Stevens Communications- a Telecommunications/Technology Consulting Company. Aside from Co-founding Hope for Children Foundation, Steve volunteers time at Middletown United Methodist Church playing drums, Youth Program and Missions. Coached Wall Pop Warner and Wall Travel and Rec Baseball. Steve’s philosophy, “Teach a man a rule and you help him solve a problem; teach a man to walk with God and you help him solve the rest of his life.”