It’s OK to feel Joy in times of Uncertainty.  In fact, it is needed.

If you have been drawn to reading this article it’s my belief you need to hear this.

I have spent most of my life supporting others by bringing my energy down to meet theirs.

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I would cry with others who were sad, I would fear with others in times of unknown, I would feel angry for those who were betrayed. I didn’t understand for so many years that in doing that I was not supporting my feelings I was meeting them at theirs. What a weight to carry all of my life that I wasn’t even aware of. 

The idea of remaining in high spirits in shared space with someone who was feeling sadness, fear, and anxiety made me feel guilty. I am telling you now more than ever your joy and your positive energy is needed. It is needed to keep you healthy and it is needed to raise others out of stress to keep them healthy. It is needed to assist our family, our friends, our community and our entire planet shift with ease into this beautiful new era we are on a journey to.

This is not to say that we do not show compassion for what other’s realities are. Human and spiritual compassion is required.  Your words though will only be of value if your energy within is aligned with them as well. 

I am doing my part.

I am remaining informed.

I am following suggested protocols.

I am also still living.

I am still connecting.

I am still laughing and I am “paying attention” more then I ever have in my entire life.

In the state of paying attention, I am witnessing innovation happening all around. 

In paying attention, I am witnessing people outdoors taking walks.

In paying attention, I am listening to people admit they have anxiety, are depressed and are in a state of fear. 

In paying attention, I am excited for it all.

We are now being forced as a human race to reset, slow down and literally can do nothing more than face being uncomfortable. It is in the state of the unknown and being uncomfortable though that true change happens. 

A few years back I was unemployed and I was in severe state of worry. It was summer and although I was thankful for some time off, I just couldn’t help but think what would happen if I didn’t have a job in the fall. A dear friend of mine suggested that I use my time today as if I was starting a new job tomorrow.

I invite you to do the same.

I invite you to invite others to do the same as well.

We all have underlying challenges that are rising to the surface and what a gift to be given right now to work on them. 

My underlying issue is guilt. I so often feel guilty for so many things. 

Yesterday I was asked to share my thoughts with this audience and immediately I jumped to the fear of what if my words and my chosen topic do not help. What if I am being given a platform and I am left feeling guilty for not being able to help so many people who so require it right now?

I went to sleep asking my higher power to lead me towards words and a topic to share and to write about. I woke up, I meditated and the whisper I heard was “go back to sleep”. I had a split second of disappointment and said to myself, “follow that whisper and trust”. I slept for two more hours. I let time pass. I started my day and completed the task I needed to do.

The words I’ve been lead to leave you with today are simply put yet so important.

Honor where you are at and when you are uncertain in moments, which you inevitably will be, say to yourself, “I trust I am being guided”. 

Honor where others are at and when they are uncertain in moments, which they inevitably will be, say to yourself, “This is not mine and I trust they will be guided through love, compassion and my positive energy and light without attachment.”

Pay attention to it all.

Laugh when something is funny.

Speak your kind words without hesitation.

Share positive stories that are enriching your positivity. 

Protect your energy when needed from the news and even from those you care and love about. 

Go within and step outside both spiritually and physically.

Be compassionate with others and most importantly with yourself.

In light, we share this journey.

Until next time.

~ Jen

Jennifer Alexis; Event Manager, You Can Heal Your Life Certified Workshop Leader and mom of two. On the spiritual and philosophical journey for 10+ years.  Follower of world-wide spiritual teachers such as Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay, Ram Dass, Gabrielle Bernstein, Pema Chodron, Dr. Joe Dispenza and so many more. She shares in her journey of healing and having fun along the way. Professionally she plans events, spiritually she shares her collaborated words and in fun she laughs with her kids and sings as often as she is given time to. "Journey of Transition" can be found on Facebook as she sheds light of her "ah ha" moments and positive light.