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The 7-Step Program For Selling Your Home Fast 

Holmdel, New Jersey August 15th, 2019 -- Have you ever visited a new home development? If so, you may remember being impressed by how well put together the model was. That was no accident. Builders understand what most buyers are looking for in a home, and they put those secrets to work in every model they build. 

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Now you can use the same secrets to sell your home. The time-tested strategies in this report are guaranteed to maximize the number of people who seriously consider making an offer on your home. And the more people interested in your home, the faster it will sell. 

Is a fast sale important? Almost always! Once people make up their minds to sell, they usually want to get to the end of the process as quickly and smoothly as possible. Plans to move or to purchase a replacement home sometimes can’t go forward until the old home is sold. Added to that, buyers tend to be suspicious of homes that sit on the market for an extended length of time.

We make it our business to help you sell quickly at a top-dollar price that puts the most money in your pocket. We hope you’ll find these 7 selling tips helpful and that you’ll call us for more information and assistance. We know many more secrets to sell your home quickly — and we’ll be happy to put them to work for you!

We’ll use the following selling secrets to sell your home faster — and get you the best possible price.

1. Priced Right. Experience shows us the right price sells a home faster than any other factor. When the listing price is set higher than 5% above market value, the price alone discourages buyers. Remember, an overpriced home scares away potential buyers who think they can’t even afford to look at your home. Buyers who do look at an overpriced home know they can get more home for their money elsewhere.

2. Top Condition. A home that sparkles gets top dollar when it comes to the bottom line. Next to  “the right price,” which plays a vital role, “move-in condition” sells your home fast. Get rid of the junk you’ve accumulated (be ruthless), clean top to bottom, and refurbish where needed. Generally speaking, spending elbow grease is as effective as cash. Good investments: carpet shampoo, floor polish, stronger light bulbs (or extra lamps), open curtains, white graphite for locks, household oil for hinges, window cleaner, brass polish, bagged limestone for damp odors, hydrogen peroxide mixed with cream of tartar for stained porcelain, and soap-scum remover for filmy ceramic tiles. Dare to make your home look better than you’ve ever had it looking before. Make it truly “a model home.”

3. Curb Appeal. Your home gets only one chance to make a good first impression. That’s why curb appeal is probably one of the most critical points in selling. Buyers are apt to fall in love at first sight — or not  at all. If a buyer is not immediately turned on, chances are the first impression will not be counteracted by the most perfect floor plan or the most immaculate and taste- full interior. Buyers “in love” picture themselves at home in your home, and they are the ones willing to pay your price. Spruce up the view of the home from the street. Keep lawns mowed and shrubs trimmed. Make sure shutters are straight and windows are clean. If you have blinds, keep them at a uniform height across the front of the home for a neat appearance. Spruce up the front door, mailbox and walkway — whatever will enhance your home’s “buy me” look.

4. Bright Decor.  Probably the best dollar-for-dollar investment for selling your home fast is fresh paint. Neutral colors are best, as they are unlikely to clash with other people’s furniture and accessories. Few buyers relish the idea of having to paint before moving into their new home. Next to fresh paint, fresh carpeting (replaced for either condition or color) makes a big difference.

5. Rooms To Maneuver.  The three most inspected areas in any home are the kitchen, master bedroom and garage. In the kitchen, clear off counters and unclutter cupboards. Remember, some prospects will judge the whole home by the cleanliness of the oven. In the master bedroom, move or remove furniture to create spaciousness. Clean out off-season clothes and clutter to make closets appear larger. The ideal garage stores only cars, so throw out your junk to show off room for theirs.

6. Flexible Financing.  The more buyers you appeal to, the greater your chances of selling faster. Be flexible. Consider FHA and VA financing, seller financing, a price reduction, or paying closing costs, points or a decorator’s allowance. Flexibility can give you something your neighborly competition won’t have — a fast sale.

7. Teamwork.  Selling a home is a team effort between you, as the home seller, and your professional real estate team. Be ready to tell us the “pleasure points” of your home and neighborhood, and supply information on utility costs. We’ll exchange feedback on how to keep your home at its maximum marketability.

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