HOLMDEL –  Excitement probably doesn't quite capture it. Holmdel came out in full force to support the Holmdel Hornets Football Team as they matched up against Red Bank Regional in a contest that was suitable for prime time television. The final score was 28-25 in Red Bank's favor. A great touchdown pass and the crowds reaction shows the talent and excitement:

From the beginning, the energy was palpable. It was a full house. The band is simply incredible.  A special guest was present to start the evening with the National Anthem. All stood as Holmdel's Superintendent Robert McGarry sang before the full house of football fans at Roggy Field. 

According to a news release, McGarry responded to an invitation from Head Football Coach, Jeff Rainess, to sing the anthem this week. Dr. Robert McGarry reflected on the timeliness of the invitation as September 14th marked the very date in 1814 that Francis Scott Key revealed the lyrics he wrote for the anthem. “This date and this week’s remembrance of the September 11th attacks are important parts of our history and I am pleased to lend my voice to this recognition in our community,” the Superintendent remarked.

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He also reflected on the the NFL controversy surrounding the anthem. McGarry said he believes that the national anthem is an historical symbol and that the ideas around patriotism and the events it represents play a role in helping students "understand and evaluate our history". The kneelers in the NFL did not appear to resonate in suburban New Jersey.

View the anthem here:


The Holmdel Hornet and Red Bank Regional teams played hard the entire game, giving up and taking back leads. the final score had Red Bank Regional ahead with a winning touchdown with only seconds remaining in the game at 26 to 25. They then went on for a two point conversion to finish the game at 28-25, the win going to Red Bank Regional. The game was well fought by both teams with hard work and grit.  Both teams were winners on that count.

It is worth noting the crowd. Holmdel High School witnessed the kind of excitement and energy from days gone by.

Multiple generations of families were present to cheer their players, the cheerleaders and the dance team. The food was great and the energy was palpable. The team that Jeff Rainess has assembled showed a cohesion that is sure to turn heads in the high school football world this year.

One of the critical elements of a successful football team are the cheer and dance squads. The girls train and practice together during the summer and during the school year. Dance and cheer routines express athleticism, precision and significant dedication. You can see them here:

And here:

And here: