HOLMDEL/COLTS NECK, N.J. - Summer is only four short months away, which means that necessary preparations must be made. This precocious time should be spent acquiring a summer wardrobe, picking out books to read on the shore, and… job searching? 

Like many high school students, you may want a job this summer, whether it be to earn some extra spending money or start on a college fund. But like high school students, you probably have little to no work experience. Don’t worry. Here are some tips to give you a competitive edge as you break into the workplace. 

• Always have a resume. A resume is a document essential when applying to jobs, and high schoolers do not get a pass. Even if you never had a job, you can fill a resume with extracurriculars and accomplishments. Make sure to have a resume for when you apply and for when you interview. 

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• If you’re an Honors student, mention it! You may ask what getting A’s has to do with scooping ice cream or delivering pizzas? Being an Honors student shows a lot of dedication and hard work. It shows that you are responsible and dependable— the exact kind of person employees are looking for. 

• Wear business attire on job interviews. When you are interviewing for a job, you should always wear business attire. This means a collared shirt, slacks, a blouse, or a pencil shirt. NEVER WEAR SHORTS. It does not matter if it is the hottest day of summer; shorts are never considered professional attire. 

• References. References may be hard to get if you have no work experience. References, however, do not always have to come from an employer. It could be a neighbor whose children you babysat or an organization you volunteered for. Anyone who can attest to you being a good worker (parents not included). 

Hope you found these tips helpful and good  luck with your job hunt.