Above photo: Hazlet Police Department.

BAYSHORE AREA: Our Police Departments are always working for us. While most of us were sleeping safely last night...our police were chasing down suspects. Due to the ongoing investigation into the recent car burglaries and car thefts in neighborhoods near the Hazlet train station, (which borders Holmdel), Hazlet police have been conducting surveillance in and around that area. According to the Hazlet Police Department: "Last night (actually early this morning) when the 1:16am southbound train pulled into the station our officers observed six male subjects dressed in dark clothing exit and begin walking down Holmdel Rd. Officers followed them from a distance and observed them walk down Moak Dr. They then changed directions and entered The Chestnut Ridge section of Holmdel. At that point they split up and 3 subjects headed back towards Hazlet. Holmdel Police attempted to stop the other 3 and they ran. Holmdel was able to arrest one of them. Our officers stopped the 3 subjects who returned to our town and brought them in. It was discovered that all 3 were juveniles from Newark. The investigation is ongoing but for now our officers charged them with a curfew violation."  Both Holmdel and Hazlet police departments ask that if any residents believe their vehicles were entered last night and/or have them on surveillance video, please contact Holmdel Police Department if you live in Holmdel, 732.946.4400, or if you reside in Hazlet, please contact Detective Bureau at 732-264-1705. The community should remain vigilant and contact police if you see or hear anything at night. Do not leave any valuables in your cars. Also remember to lock your car doors and always take your keys. Be Aware and report anything suspicious. This activity is not limited to the train station area. There have been numerous car thefts in Holmdel and in most cases the keys were left in the car.