BYRAM TOWNSHIP, NJ - The development of Tamarack Park was introduced and discussed by the township council at last year’s September 4 meeting.

During that meeting the council had given some background information on the park.
Tamarack Park was approved by voters in 1998, it is a capital project meaning all of the money has already been collected. Four millions dollars for this project was funded by the State of New Jersey, Sussex Borough, private funders and a small amount from Byram Township. The project took several years for all the parties to sign a contract.
Bill Schilling of the recreation committee had attended that meeting requesting a fee of $50,000 from the town council for the company contractors to finish the last part of the project.

The town’s other park, C.O. Johnson cannot have a baseball diamond field due to the wetlands.
The requested money was used to create a four hundred foot baseball field at Tamarack Park, which could be used for other sports as well.
At the recent Feb. 19 meeting, the town council had another discussion in regard to the park.
The agenda list read: Special Discussion - 3 Year Capital Plan and 10 Year Road Improvement Plan.
The 2013 Proposed Draft Capital Improvement for the park read:
Fund: $75,000
Improvement Fund: $50,000
Funding toward resurfacing: $25,000
Drainage Improvements: $5,000
Supplement for Roseville/Tamarack: $50,000
Budget appropriation (streets/roads): $70,000
Cory Stoner, township engineer had presented the council and public with a map that illustrated the proposed construction of the Tamarack Park.
The map included: Proposed drain pipes, limits of disturbance, wetlands transition area and inlet filter.
Township administrator, Joseph Sabatini said, “We are in the final design development of the park and putting together the final documentation.”
The parking lot layout has 105 parking spaces with a stormwater recharge, a concept which was presented by Stoner in March 2012.
“The contractor is going to love this job,” said Stoner.
“There is a house there and we are still debating what to do with it,” said councilman Scott Olson.
Schilling had discussed the building in the September 2012 meeting to possibly be used as a restroom facility.
The council had mentioned the possibility of a restroom while councilwoman Nisha Kash had suggested, “Using it for sports equipment storage since there will be a lot of sports played on the fields.”
The estimated yearly cost to maintain the Tamarack Park is between $10,000 and $11,000.

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