Mrs. Catizone’s class jumped “out of the textbook” this past month for their study of Colonial America. Using the entire period between the first colonies in The New World through the growth of the colonies up to Pre-Revolutionary war times, Mrs. Catizone’s fifth grade class “partnered up” and chose a topic that they wanted to research and report on.  The entire project is paid for with funds received through a grant from The Hopatcong Education Association.  

Students were taught the proper way to research using index cards and the Internet, as well additional sources.  They were responsible for writing the information in their own words, or use quotes and cite the source they copied from. They kept track of websites and books on the back of the index cards. 

Mrs. Catizone’s class dedicated much time to creating outlines of their presentations, engaging with technology, and intensely editing their work through self-editing, peer-editing, and finally, teacher-editing.

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When the reports were complete, the students created PowerPoints using their reports and pictures from the internet.  With a minimum of 10 slides, the fifth grade students were to present their findings on the topic they chose. Student scribes kept track of mistakes, slide by slide, as teams practiced presenting. Students then created a 3D project that represented their topic. This year, fourteen projects were created.

Parents, family and administrators were invited to the classroom to see the hour long slideshow presentation put on by the students.  After the impressive presentation, all were invited to get a closer look at the 3D creations!