HOPATCONG, NJ - A new puzzle graces the hallway of Durban Avenue Elementary School.

The students of Durban Avenue Elementary School, along with guidance counselor Dr. Lynott, have been discussing the Six Pillars of Character as a way of life.

This character education program runs throughout the school year and is dedicated to the idea that each child’s unique identity and character matter. The slogan, "Character Counts: Know it, Show it," serves as a reminder to the students to act out in kind ways and to be respectful towards one another. Students have worked to create puzzle pieces of their own to represent their own individual characteristics and interests which have then been displayed into one complete puzzle in the hallway of Durban Avenue Elementary for all to see. Next to the puzzle reads:    

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“Each piece of this puzzle represents

the unique and diverse characteristics of each

student at the Durban Ave. School.

We discovered that joined together, we all belong.

We are the C.U.R.E., the Children United to Respect Everyone.”