Back in December 2013, Steve Megna, a Shop Rite Representative, visited all of the 4th grade classes and introduced them to the Young Consumer Program (YCP).  At that time, each child was given a set of tangrams and pancakes.  Mr. Megna taught the students different ways to rotate and flip the manipulatives in order to create 5 different shapes.

On April 21, 2014, Cathie Filoneno-Miller invited parents and students to attend "Family Day" at the school.  Mrs. Filoneno-Miller introduced the program to the parents and gave them the opportunity to see what their children have been working on.  Mrs. Filoneno-Miller will return again on April 28th to introduce the food pyramid to students where she will also teach the students how to make good, healthy food choices, plan a menu, and turn their menus into a shopping list.   All 4th grade classes will be going to the store on either May 27, 2014 or May 28, 2014 to “shop” and feed a family of 4 on a $100 budget and they will also participate in “problem solving stations” while they are in the store.

 The YCP allows families, schools and Shop Rite to partner together in an effort to support academic, social and emotional needs of students. The program is designed to extend learning beyond the traditional classroom setting while using the common core curriculum standards as a benchmark.