Sgt. Magrini was called to Oakdale Ave at 2:11am on 06/16/13. When he arrived there where approximately 8 residents who had stopped a vehicle that  appeared disabled where the driver was confronting a resident. These other residents on the dead end section of Oakdale Ave heard the commotion and came outside. They stopped the driver from leaving.   It was apparant that the driver was drunk.  When Sgt. Magrini arrived he was told by Butkus that he was drunk.  Butkus could harldy stand. He was not given field sobriety tests for his safety. Butkus was arrested for DWI. There was damage to the front of his vehicle.  He told Sgt. Magrini that it happened when he was riding off-road.  The next morning a resident called from Lakeside Ave which is right down the road from Oakdale Ave.  Their mailbox had been hit by a vehicle which launched the mailbox 35' to Cox Lane where it slid another 170 feet before stopping.  At the scene there was a front grill belonging to a Dodge Ram pick up truck.  Butkus was driving a Dodge Ram pick up truck when he was arrested.  The front grill was brought to headquarters where Butkus identified it as his. Butkus was given the alcotest. Butkus was charged with DWI for being over twice the legal limit of .08% BAC.