STANHOPE BOROUGH, NJ -  A public hearing and final adoption for the 2013 municipal budget was discussed at the recent Stanhope Borough council meeting on Tuesday, April 9.

The adoption of the 2013 municipal budget stated: “Be it resolved by the Governing Body of the Borough of Stanhope, County of Sussex, that the budget herein before set forth is hereby adopted and shall constitute appropriation for the purposes stated of the sums therein set forth as appropriations, and authorization of the amount of $4,580,857.26 for municipal purposes.”
Borough auditor Ray Sarinelli of Nisivoccia & Company stated that the adoption of the budget is submitted and reviewed every three years.
“One third of the taxpayers will be happy as one third will be disappointed,” said Sarinelli.

“Not much has gone up other than the things we have no control over,” said mayor Rosemarie Maio who then stated, “I am pleased with where it came out and hopefully everyone will be in the one third where taxes won’t go up.”
In the Calendar Year 2013 Ordinance to Exceed Municipal Budget Appropriation Limits and to Establish a Cap Bank, the mayor and council determined a 1.5 percent increase for the 2013 budget in the amount of $51,066.00
A Cap Bank’s money is solely used in “the interest of promoting the health, safety and welfare of the citizens.”
In a previous article by The Alternative Press, Dana Mooney, Chief Finance Officer and Tax Collector at the Borough of Stanhope presented the council with three different scenarios for their 2013 municipal budget.
The council ended up choosing the third scenario, which was adding $40,000 to the budget making a 1.49 levee increase.
The $40,000 is to be used for new contracts in recycling and solid waste.
At that meeting, Maio also brought up the question of last year’s surplus to Mooney.
Mooney had stated that $700,000 was used and $891,000 had been “replenished.”
Maio explained at the recent council meeting that the average residence in the Borough is valued at $191,401.
This calculation shows a $2.28 increase per residence, not including the county nor the school districts.
“Thank you, Ray [Sarinelli] for your help and ongoing guidance,” said Maio.
Ordinance 2013-03: “An Ordinance of the Borough of Stanhope, County of Sussex, New Jersey Fixing the Salary and Wages for Borough Employees and Officials” showed the annual salary, wage and compensation to be paid to Borough employees and officials in 2013.
The salary, wages and compensations were listed to the following: Mayor, borough council member, borough administrator, borough clerk, deputy borough clerk, registrar, deputy registrar, chief financial officer/tax collector/utility collector/assistant to tax collector, accounts payable, tax assessor, custodian, the borough police department, the department of public works, construction department and boards and commissions including land use secretary, board of heath secretary and the secretary to Shade Tree, Environmental Commission and Recreation Commission.

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