STANHOPE BOROUGH, NJ -  Don Viapree of Cablevision attended the recent Stanhope Borough council meeting on December 11.
“Thank you for the opportunity to schedule the process renewal,” said Viapree to the mayor and council. “We are bringing about several technological changes and doing restoration since the hurricane,” in regard to trees, which had left damage.
Viapree continued, “I know that I received calls from the borough for those who needed attention immediately. We are trying to work with the power companies and trying to learn ourselves.”

What the council had in front of them was the option to choose a $5,000 grant for 10 years, or a $12,000 grant for 15 years, for the Cablevision renewal process.
“We have fewer Cablevision subscribers than we did 10 years ago,” stated mayor Rosemarie Maio.
“The municipality has to pass a resolution of denial or grant an act of franchise within 45 days,” said township Attorney, Richard Stein. “If the council decides tonight on 10 or 15 years, a draft ordinance gets sent to the office of Cablevision within 45 days.”
“Most municipalities are not aware that the contract is not an exclusive contact,” said Viapree.
“It is a no-brainer. We definitely go on the $12,000 for 15 years,” said councilwoman Doreen Thistleton.
“Was this negotiated with Cablevision?” asked councilman Michael Depew.
“It was put into effect of June 2010,” said Stein. “With emails and correspondence back and forth and it has taken some time.”
“As our attorney, do you have any problems with this?” asked Depew.
“Stanhope and Hopatcong were the first towns to get cable years ago, I see no problem with this,” Stein clarified. 
The council chose the 15 year plan, and is currently in the process of submitting a draft to Cablevision for renewal.
In other business:
Township administrator Brian McNeilly read from his report about a FEMA request from the Fire Department.
“It will be 75 percent of the true cost,” stated McNeilly. “The refunded total cost came to $787.50 and received just under $1,000 for it fully being reimbursed, but a matter of budget.”
The mayor and council also approved a program titled, “Project Self-Sufficiency.”
Project Self-Sufficiency, states on its website serves those in Morris, Sussex and Warren County to “Empower low-income individuals and families to improve the quality of life for themselves and for their children through comprehensive family stability and personal and economic self-sufficiency services.” 
“The state has put this through,” said Maio. “The group that is handling this is asking we go forth with it. When they do advertising, they will most likely indicate that we are a sponsor.”
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