STANHOPE BOROUGH, NJ --- Members of the Stanhope Public School District met together for their monthly meeting at Valley Road School on July 18.

Chief School Administrator, Dr. Maria Cleary was pleased to announce to the board and public some terrific news.

“It has been a remarkable month at the school,” stated Cleary, “The most exciting thing that happened was we got a call with Lenape Valley saying we are one out of ten recipients of the EE4NJ grant for a new teacher evaluation system.  It is a substantial expense that will be covered and starts for the 2013-2014 school year.

Excellent Educators for New Jersey (EE4NJ) is a teacher and principle evaluation system reform.  Valley Road School and Lenape Valley Regional High School both created a budget of $66,000 and are splitting the grant. 

“New Jersey is now in the second phase of a pilot program,” said Cleary.  “There were ten pilot districts that received a grant to pilot different evaluation models and we were one of them.”

Board member Gil Moscatello went on to discuss the current facility repairs in the school system.

“We were able to refinish the entire gym floor,“ stated Moscatello in response to a previous water leak in the gymnasium which had left damage to the floor.

The school is currently undergoing some new projects as well --- The current shop is being divided in half to create a guidance office and special service room, the cafeteria is undergoing a lighting project and floor, two rooms will be receiving new carpeting, four new cameras will be put in the school and the faculty and staff of Valley Road School will now have swipe cards to access the building.

In addition, the school also received a generous donation of a playground from Wee Scholars Academy.

In response to the new features, Stanhope resident Kim Ferrari addressed the board to ask, “Is there going to be a room available for the gifted and talented children?”

“They will be in the art room which is vacant in the morning,” Cleary replied.

“We are increasing and making a better environment for our kids,” said Moscatello.

Board member Gina Thomas spoke to the new members of the board and stated, “We have done some talking about our committee.  I think it is really important that we understand as a board what we discuss. 

Moscatello also responded in saying, “If someone says that are going to repair something and it costs us $1,000, we don’t need to have a whole new board meeting to approve something because we have already previously discussed it.”

Upon recommendation of the Chief School Administrator, there were motions to approve Nicholas Lalama as a Technology Coordinator effective on July 30, 2012, and both Jason Doniloski and Jennifer Macones as eighth grade co-advisors all for the 2012-2013 school year.