Students in Mrs. Fialcowitz’s class have been studying the American Revolution.  We integrated this into our Language Arts by reading a novel called George Washington’s Socks, where a group of kids travel back to the time of the American Revolution.  When we were on the last chapter, students anxiously raised their hands so they could be the one picked to read the final pages.  Students were so engaged in this book, and when we finished, the class actually clapped they loved it so much!  When the book was finished, students picked from a list of projects to represent the book.  Students brought in supplies and created their project to present to the class. Projects included making a diorama and turning the novel into a children’s book. Students are excited to read the sequel to the book!

Also on June 4th, the entire 5th grade visited Washington Crossing Historic Park.  Students were able to actively answer questions during their time there and participate in the everyday life of the colonists.  The trip was a great way to sum up their study of the American Revolution.