The Education Matters team of Lorenzo Richardson 1I, Gina Verdibello 2I, Lekendrick Shaw 3I would like to remind Jersey City voters to vote for Board of Education in addition to President and all other offices on the ballot.  This is a critical time for our schools and our children and this team has been on the ground working tirelessly for months to address these needs during this public health emergency

Lorenzo Richardson is an experienced accountant who has been advocating for the needs of public schools in Jersey City for over 20 years and who has been diligently working to cut waste incurred by a previous administration and to make sure those dollars went back into our classrooms.

Gina Verdibello has been a staunch parent advocate on the forefront of public education issues for the past few years and who has fought to achieve many positive initiatives such as facilities improvements and a healthier school lunch program. 

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Lekendrick Shaw is an entrepreneur and Jersey City Public Schools success story who uses his businesses to give back to the community and who works to give our high school students greater career opportunities and paths.  

Collectively, the Education Matters team has achieved so much together and would like to call on the public to put their trust in them once again so they can finish the work they started.  Despite drastic cuts from Trenton, this team worked with the Superintendent to balance a budget and do so with no layoffs or cuts to the classroom.  They have created a robust network of open communication with all stakeholders that they hope to continue to improve on to move our schools forward. Finally, throughout this pandemic, they have been constantly using the feedback from the public to continue to improve our facilities to make them safe for a return for our students when the time is right as well as to conquer inequities that this health emergency has exposed like the digital divide.

Education matters now more than ever in Jersey City and we ask that the citizens of our beloved community use the power of the ballot to give the Jersey City Public Schools the trusted and experienced leadership that it deserves and needs.  Election Day is November 3rd and  we ask that you mail in or drop off your ballot and vote the entire Education Matters team of Lorenzo Richardson 1I, Gina Verdibello 2I, Lekendrick Shaw 3I in column I in the bottom right corner of your ballot.  

Thank You Jersey City and remember that Education Matters, Now More Than Ever.