BEDFORD, N.Y. – Last month, the Bedford Town Board rejected the only bid it received to build carports at the new Bedford Police Department headquarters.

The bid, submitted by Verdi Construction Co. in Bethel, Conn., was for $350,380.

In hopes to motivate more-competitive bidding and bring the cost down of the carports, which would provide protection to 17 police vehicles, the board contracted GPI Engineering at $16,300 to design the structures and re-bid the project, said Bedford Police Chief Melvin Padilla. Previously, the onus was on the developers to design their own structure. Padilla said the town was hoping for bids in the $100,000 range.

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“The idea is we would get more interest doing that and therefore reduce costs,” Padilla said at the June 5 meeting.

The purpose of the carports, Supervisor Chris Burdick said in his weekly newsletter, is to prolong the lives of the police vehicles by sheltering them from the elements.

Initially, Burdick said, the town hoped to have the carports installed at no upfront cost to the town. However, he said, the New York State Public Service Commission has revised its incentive program for solar developers. Following the “dramatic” changes, he said, the incentives were not sufficient in the NYSEG area to be financially viable for developers. The town received no bids on a long-term contract in which, Burdick said, the value of the electricity produced by the solar panels on the carports would have paid for the carports themselves.

Burdick said the new design would allow for a later installation of rooftop solar panels, “should they become economically viable.”

The town went out to bid on the new design on July 6. Bids will close at 11 a.m. Thursday, July 26. Burdick said the Town Board may schedule a special meeting to award the bid, rather than wait for its next meeting on Aug. 14.

The renovation of the new police station is between 85- and 90-percent complete, Burdick said.