LEWISBORO, N.Y. – Big dreams are brewing in Lewisboro. Dylan DiGiacomo, a fifth grader at Increase Miller Elementary School, is preparing for his big dream, a role in an upcoming Marvel movie. Thor has his hammer, Spiderman has webs and acrobatics, Iron Man has a superhero suit and Dylan DiGiacomo from South Salem has natural acting ability, motivation and determination.

By day, Dylan, is a conventional 9-year-old who enjoys video games, Legos, action figures, movies and has a Shih Tzu, named Lola. However, Dylan has been acting since he was 6 years old.

“Acting is his number one thing. He’s been asking every day for years, ‘Did you find me an agent yet?’ ” said Dylan’s dad, Marc. “A lot of parents may push their children to do something in the entertainment business. This is all him. We told him it is a job and he takes it very seriously; and it is what he wants to pursue one million percent.”

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“I’m 9 years old, practically 10. I always wanted to be in a Marvel movie and it’s always been my dream to be an actor,” said Dylan.

Dylan started his acting career when he was 6 years old with Mimi Stewart in Mount Kisco. Stewart immediately recognized Dylan’s natural ability. After one or two lessons, Mimi told Dylan’s parents that it is what he’s supposed to be doing. During the school year, Dylan takes acting lessons after school at Increase Miller with Pam Stewart.

Dylan’s first official role was in a movie called “Dreamers,” written and directed by Ryan Stottle of New Milford, Conn. Dylan’s next film is in a movie called “East Hills.” Dylan’s current agent, his dad, Marc, secured the role through an app called Backstage. Backstage has a platform to build your acting profile and get alerted to roles that may fit your profile. Marc built Dylan’s profile early in the work week and by the weekend Dylan was offered the role in “Dreamers” as well as a role in the summer camp comedy called “East Hills.”

The latter “is perfect for him. He’s comical,” said Marc. In “East Hills,” Dylan plays a child named Simon who is bipolar and has ADHD.

“I’d be good at this movie and I’d be playing a kid named Simon with a bipolar disorder. I get to say the F word and I’m excited to say that,” Dylan said with a laugh.

Marc explains, “we practice every night. What’s unbelievable is that he has a giant paragraph memorized already and how he retains the material.” Dylan concurs, “I have it all in my head.”

If Dylan could meet his acting mentors, he’d meet Michael J. Fox, Tom Holland and Ryan Reynolds. When he was 5, Dylan watched “Back to the Future” and from that moment he knew he wanted to be an actor. “I loved the way Michael J. Fox acted and I just wanted to copy him,” Dylan said. Dylan would also love to play Marty Mcfly, explains Marc.

Dylan’s rosy future began with a concerning start. Dylan was born with a rare condition called craniosynestosis. Craniosynestosis is when the plates in your head fuse together prior to birth. It happens in 1 out of 1,500 births. At 4 months old, Dylan had a cranial remodel surgery. Today, Dylan is 100 percent focused on his acting career.

Dylan has two older brothers. Marcky DiGiacomo, 15, is a sophomore at John Jay High School. Marcky is a guitarist with the School of Rock in Ridgefield. Lucas DiGiacomo, 11, will be in sixth grade at John Jay Middle School.

This year, Dylan will be eligible to participate in the Increase Miller school play. Dylan hopes the play is going to be “Grease” but will be excited to be in any production.

Dylan said he will continue to follow his lofty dreams and offers this bit of advice, “Be you and don’t worry about making mistakes.”