I have been watching state Sen. Terrence Murphy’s actions closely and discovered that he is nothing but a Trump loyalist. He does not support early voting (because why make voting easier?), does not support legislation to allow the police to confiscate guns from people who have been declared a danger to themselves and others by a judge (sure, let’s get them all guns!), does not support extending the statute of limitations on child victims of sexual abuse (there are no words), has taken no action to curb the rising costs of health insurance resulting from Trump’s corporate greed, and, of course, he did not advocate to keep the tax rate of 8.82 percent for the wealthy.

I want someone who will fight for my values, someone who will put people over politics who is not beholden to corporate sponsors or wealthy donors. Robert Kesten is running for the seat Murphy now holds in the 40th District and he espouses the values that I firmly believe most of us hold dear. He has been holding town hall meetings across the district on subjects such as the rising cost of health care, gun violence, infrastructure, opioids and addictions, and has listened carefully to the questions and comments from the people in attendance. I have heard him articulate very clearly some of our more complex issues and then offer common-sense solutions that will help us and not corporations. Kesten has years of political experience but is running for elected office for the first time. He is a passionate defender of civil rights (in fact, was the executive director of PDHRE, an award-winning organization dedicated to promoting human rights around the world). This is who I want representing me. I hope you agree and will vote for Robert Kesten.  Check out his website: electkesten.com.