A year ago, the Lewisboro Town Board voted to ban parking on Park Road in Goldens Bridge. This action unleashed neighbor-to-neighbor hostilities due to parking space scarcity and the additional parking congestion that affected the three private courts along the road in this townhouse community. Visitors could not understand why they were forbidden to park their car in the empty spot right in front of their destination.

The Town Board is considering restoring some parking along this road. The residents of the neighborhood are equally split on this issue. Some enjoy the park-like ambiance. Some want needed parking restored on Park Road and parking congestion on their court alleviated. At the June 10 Town Board meeting, I proposed a 50-50 solution to the board that would equitably address the parking needs of the community and restore parking along half of the road.

Restoring seven parking spots, from Dogwood Court south to the private road of The Glen townhouses is the only compromise that would put this issue to rest and allow the community to heal. It would provide parking to the eight residents with driveways on Park Road, and visitors to the neighborhood and the Wild Oaks Preserve.

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The board is also considering a compromise presented from the resident who spearheaded the parking ban. It would restore five spaces and would continue to ban much-needed parking in front of his townhouse. This proposal would concentrate parking along a small portion of the road instead of spreading parked cars along a larger section to create a natural and sparser distribution of parked cars. It is an unfair compromise that will shift, not heal, community resentments.

I urge the board to support a compromise that will be perceived as fair and serves the needs of the entire community. Restoring parking on Park Road south from Dogwood Court is a compromise that will work to reduce neighbor tensions and would begin to heal the divide in our neighborhood.