The letter published in the June 14 issue urging support for affordable housing in Goldens Bridge merits a reply. I have no doubt that the signatories to the letter are well-intentioned, but the information they have received is deeply flawed.

Readers of The Katonah-Lewisboro Times need to know that “Lewisboro downsizing seniors” will not be afforded any special status. Residency will be provided on a lottery basis with eligibility being governed by income. As has already been determined, all teachers currently in the school system will not qualify because their income exceeds the threshold. The same is likely for first responders. For more information on how the lottery system works, visit

“Studies demonstrating impact on traffic and environment” are at best questionable and have been challenged by outside experts.

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“Suitability located near public transportation and shopping” is a misnomer. It will be a mile walk to the train station on the hard shoulder of Route 22, a road considered to be one of the most dangerous in the county.

Let there be no doubt I and others wholeheartedly support the town embracing affordable housing—but the scheme proposed by Wilder Balter is extremely dangerous to future and existing residents. As sure as night follows day, the development, if green-lighted, will result in a lawsuit due to it failing to achieve integration and being seen as a deliberate attempt to discriminate and marginalize a community. The cost of defending the legal action and the settlement will be borne by taxpayers. The developer should indemnify the town but to date has refused to do so.

Those of us who are opposed to the development (and there are many) have sought an open and honest dialogue with Lewisboro Town Supervisor Peter Parsons. Having initially agreed to meet us, he has since adopted a position of indifference—this may well be due to the rumor that the decision to proceed has already been taken?