The $50,000 offer from Wilder Balter Partners to the Goldens Bridge hamlet to be used to make improvements in the hamlet could now go even higher (out of desperation and despair) with the New York State funding grant for the affordable housing project on Route 22. The grant does not guarantee site plan approval. However, it still sounds like a bribe to win approval of the affordable housing project. Bribery offers a positive reward for compliance. (Do this for me and I will do that for you).

Examples of bribery:

1. Thing of value (tangible)

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2. Promise to influence an official act, legislation (intangible)

New York State would not want to award grant money if the cloud of bribery was hanging over the heads of Wilder Balter Partners. There will always be that shadow of doubt. This is not going away.

New York State should withhold any grants that were awarded to Wilder Balter Partners until the town of Lewisboro comes to a decision on the Route 22 project and the Planning Board addresses the safety, environmental, rock blasting, wetlands, aquifers and well issues that are still open and need to be resolved.