Now that Year 2 of COVID-19 has turned us into vaccination nation, have you gotten yours yet? Pfizer? Moderna? First? Both?

Remember, the vaccination won’t work until you take a selfie and transmit it (oh! bad word) on social media, to make sure you let everybody you know—and don’t know—know you got it. It’s the new status symbol. You’ve seen the Facebook posts, right? Here’s one you might have missed…

“Hey, everyone. I got mine today! Aren’t you impressed? Or at least a little envious? Otherwise, what’s the point of my telling you I got mine. I mean it’s not like I’m in the habit of posting my doctor visits. But this is different. This is COVID-19! This is history, people. Haven’t you heard? There’s a pandemic going on. And on. And on. It’s all the rage (literally), sweeping the nation. Happens once every 100 years. Listen, my friend, whenever you get around to getting stuck (that’s the medical term for vaccination), do me a favor and don’t remember to bother telling me, because, as you can see here, from this selfie I took all by myself, I already got mine, and that’s all that matters—to me. But enough about you…”

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OK. Now that I got that out of my unvaccinated system, let us proceed. Yes, I’m getting my shot in the arm. Heck, that’s the easy part. Getting an appointment, on the other hand (or arm), is like panning for gold in 1849 San Francisco. Good luck finding that needle in the haystack, old-timer! Don’t worry, though. Whenever I do get properly appointed, I’ll gladly keep the news to myself, because I’m hip to HIPAA.

How about some COVID survey morsels for your reading pleasure? Like the one that tells us if you are committed to never being vaccinated, you are in fairly select company—as one in eight American adults who feel that way.


As of the first week of 2021, a COVID-19 survey of American adults says almost six in 10 (59 percent) want the vaccine ASAP. That’s a dramatic increase from last November, when 45 percent felt that way.

Here’s a shocker nobody saw coming: “There’s a link between party lines and vaccine lines,” according to Survey Monkey, which sponsored the vaccination poll of 30,000 adults across the U.S.

Among Democrats, 72 percent indicated they want to be vaccinated as soon as possible, while that eagerness to be inoculated is shared by 54 percent of Republicans, and even fewer (46 percent) independents..

Among Hispanics, the number is 54 percent, and among Blacks 41 percent.


Most eager to get a coronavirus vaccine, of course, are seniors. For those older than 65, more than eight in 10 are eager to be vaccinated right away, compared to 69 percent who felt that way last November.

In other age ranges, 43 percent of adults 18-34 and 58 percent of adults 34-64 say they would get vaccinated immediately if it were available to them.

Let’s talk masks (or what politicians who censure other politicians of their own party for speaking their mind ironically call “mind control devices.”)


In surveying more than 300,000 Americans, medical journal the Lancet Digital Health found that “a 10 percent increase in self-reported mask wearing was associated with three times better odds of transmission control.”

Consistent with that finding is that “communities with high reported mask wearing and physical distancing had the highest predicted probability of transmission control.”

Now if they only can come up with a vaccine to prevent the toxic spread of disinformation...

Bruce Apar is a writer, actor, consultant, and community volunteer. He can be reached at; 914-275-6887.