I am staring out of the window at a six foot tall stem with a pink flower on top swaying in the breeze. I like the color pink. It is not one of your typical fall colors – orange, red, brown, yellow. This lone pink flower appears to be a survivor. A hardy pink cosmos that has somehow risen from the remains of old garden pots of soil tossed out years ago.

Since this is foliage season, I Googled fun uses for fall leaves. Most of the suggestions were not too exciting – use the leaves as a winter mulch to cover your garden beds, add the fall leaves to your compost pile, etc.  One suggestion was to use dried leaves to stuff a decorative scarecrow. Most scarecrows are stuffed with hay but dried leaves would make a good substitute.

A home decorating tip was to fill two glass vases with colorful fall leaves to display on your dining room table. You can artfully scatter a few acorns across the tablecloth for a rustic natural tableau. Add a few of those weird mini gourds, too.
Just when I had about given up on finding a good fall leaves idea, I discovered a couple of craft sites. Eureka!  My favorite tip for using colorful fall leaves in a crafty way suggested making decorative leaf coasters. The directions were very simple and straightforward with only a few supplies required. The photos looked beautiful. This is something even I can do!

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The directions said to gather colorful fall leaves in different shapes and sizes, purchase several white ceramic tiles and a bottle of mod podge. Arrange a few colorful leaves on each tile square and brush on the mod podge to affix the leaves to the tile. The clear shiny coating protects the colorful leaves. The autumn leaf tiles make a great gift. And the best part is that you made these beautiful tiles yourself. 

I need some mod podge and a small paintbrush. I can pick some up tomorrow. I already have plenty of fall leaves outside in the yard. And I know that there is a small stack of white leftover ceramic tiles under the kitchen sink. This is it!  I am excited to have a new fall project. Everyone will be surprised to receive these hand-made and very thoughtful autumn leaf tiles from me!
I run outside with a small paper bag to collect only the most colorful, perfectly shaped leaves for my arts and crafts project. The colors do not look as vibrant as in past years. I spend at least thirty minutes bending up and down to pick up leaves for my tile craft. I pull my hand away just in time to avoid a patch of poison ivy. This is going to be so much fun!

Back inside the house, I place a few sheets of newspaper on the kitchen counter to arrange my leaf selections. I spend another twenty minutes deciding how to arrange the leaves – by color, variety or shape? Not sure how many will fit on each tile. Oh, that’s right, I have to look under the kitchen sink for those old white bathroom tiles. I bend down and practically crawl underneath the kitchen sink, moving bottles of cleaning supplies and old sponges and a yellow bucket out of the way. Where are those tiles?

Oh. Just like getting a knock on the head from an imaginary acorn, I realize my mistake. That small stack of white ceramic tiles was underneath the kitchen sink in my old house. Never mind.

Kim Kovach likes the idea of craft projects. She really enjoys crafting story ideas. www.kimkovachwrites.com