In the face of climate change, six elementary school students in Lewisboro have established a girls club to save the planet.  

The club, Kids Who Save the Earth, was founded by Increase Miller Elementary School students Lilly Pepper McGuire, 9, and her younger sister Charlotte, 7, who got inspiration from a book by Greta Thunberg, the 16-year-old Swedish environmental activist whose speech at a United Nations Climate Action Summit went viral and who was just named Time magazine’s 2019 Person of the Year.

The McGuire sisters said the club aims to raise people’s awareness of climate change and encourage them to make a difference. In the past summer, at the moment they learned about the life cycle theory in the book, the girls felt the urge to do something.

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“If little fish die, big fish that eat them die, then everything in the water dies and we die,” Lilly Pepper said. “Protecting the water is to protect ourselves.”     

Her feelings are shared by the other girls in the group, 9-year-olds Megan Venkatraman, Lucy Crimmins and Thea Antzis and 7-year-old Coralie Warzecha. Their first step was to make posters and signage to educate people on how to save the earth.  

Their plans include displaying the posters in local grocery stores, launching a Facebook page, organizing beach cleanups, advocating against the use of plastic bags and teaching people about climate change and how they can help put the planet back on a healthy track.    

“We’re trying to tell people who think it’s too much to do, if they do just one little thing, it has a big effect,” Megan said. 

“They really need to save the planet. We can do little acts, like stop smoking, recycling more, trying not to waste paper, using reusable bags,” Coralie added. “Just a small act makes a big change.”

The simple acts they have been doing range from taking shorter showers to turning off lights and using less water for daily tasks.          
“If you want the next generation to have somewhere to live, you should help the Earth,” Thea said. “Otherwise, there’s not going to be an Earth anymore.”

One of the things they’re most proud of doing is raising $100 at the Lewisboro Library Fair a couple months ago. Lucy talked to nearly 60 people at the event and shared homemade popcorn and educational postcards with them.       

Although the girls have not yet decided how they will use the money, they are looking to donate part of it to local environmental organizations and to buy supplies for more posters and signage with the rest of the money. They look forward to hosting similar fundraisers and talking to more people.  

“Animals and plants could be going through a tough time. Years later, it’s going to be our turn to save the Earth,” Charlotte McGuire said. “It’s our future.”