“I am a firm believer in the people. If given the truth, they can be depended upon to meet any national crisis. The great point is to bring them the real facts, and beer.” - Abraham Lincoln

Yikes!  A lot has changed in the world since my last article.  I’m not in a position to comment on the real facts Honest Abe mentions for our current national (& world) crisis, but I can help with the beer part.

First, I sincerely hope you are all well and if not, you’re getting the care you need to heal quickly. Also, I want to take a moment to thank all the healthcare and essential workers, who put themselves at risk to make our lives safe and allow us to have food, beverages, mail, … to make our lives more comfortable. 

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Although a forced situation, our community is sticking together and helping each other by respecting the current social distancing guidelines, supporting small business, volunteering to get food to those who are unable to get out and other acts of kindness to those in need.

Altruism at its best.

Many of those local businesses (beer and otherwise) that remain open offer delivery and / or curbside contact-less pickup.  As well, the recent relaxing of alcohol laws also allows restaurants to sell directly to the customer for offsite consumption.  For the places I mention below, and I would bet others, the general process is to give them a call, place your order, pay with credit card over the phone, then either have it delivered or drive over to the establishment and they’ll bring your feast and thirst quenchers out to your car.  Another idea is to purchase a gift certificate for future use.

Here are some of the places we recommend and have been to recently – but is in no way an exhaustive list.  I can, though, guarantee these businesses have been very generous and charitable to Katonah in the past so please do what you can to support them:


Blue Dolphin – delicious as always (914)-232-4791, 175 Katonah Ave, Katonah, NY 10536, https://www.bluedolphinny.com/

Farmhouse Tavern - 15% off takeout menu (good entrees and solid buffalo chicken wings), 50% bottles of wine. Curbside pickup.  (914) 401-9600, 128 Bedford Rd, Katonah, NY 10536, https://farmhousekatonah.com/

Exit 4 Food Hall – spectacular variety of food: fish tacos, seafood entrees, ribs,… 22-ounce containers of Margaritas to go available in addition to very solid line up of Craft Beer Growlers and wine to go. Delivery and curbside available. 153 E Main St, Mt Kisco, NY 10549, (914) 241-1200, https://www.exit4foodhall.com/

La Familia Pizza & Pasta of Katonah – such nice folks and great food – try the gluten free grilled buffalo chicken pizza if your banking your gluten for suds.  280 Katonah Ave, Katonah, NY 10536, (914) 232-8027, http://lafamiliapoundridge.com/

The Whitlock & Jay St Café – though temporarily closed, the website of these family owned (awesome) restaurants has instructions on buying gift cards as well as donating to the staff relief funds (100% to staff). https://www.thewhitlockny.com/


Brew & Co.- perhaps not an “essential” business by pandemic definition but, in the spirit of satisfying thirst, Brew & Co remains open Tuesday-Sunday. Also, in the spirit of self-promotion, if you mention this Katonah Beer Man article to Brew & Co when ordering, you will receive 10% off 12 or more cans or 15% off a case of 24. You’re welcome.  Brew & Co. is doing curbside pickup and deliveries within a 10-mile radius for orders over $50. Please call at 914-666-3600 to order. 532 N Bedford Rd, Bedford Hills, NY 1050, https://www.brewandcompany.com/

Katonah Wine & Liquor Store – under new ownership for awhile now, this family owned business has a nice selection of all your alternatives-to-beer and has contactless ordering on their website and curbside pickup.  120 Katonah Ave, Katonah, NY 10536, (914) 232-4966, http://www.katonahwine.com/


DeCicco Family Market - Katonah – we use an email process DeCiccos provides to place our order ahead of time and they contact us for curbside pickup.  We also uploaded driver’s license, so a delicious 4-pack of Guinness could be mine! 132 Bedford Rd, Katonah, NY 10536, (914) 401-9909, https://deciccomarket.com/OS_Katonah.aspx

I see notes on most all Katonah Avenue businesses (Charles, G. Willikers,…) on how to contact them for a contactless purchase and I’m sure businesses in our surrounding communities are offering similar services.

Please support your local businesses as you can afford. Also share with me your experiences so we can continue to get the word out.

Lo-Cal Craft Beers?

For those that know me, you’re well aware of my stout-portly-verging-on-rotund body type.  And, no surprise, this is a direct result of my passion for the Suds Arts which results keeping my readers informed and educated on related topics.

Not that I’m complaining. I love every calorie.

But, alas, is there a way to reduce (or at least plateau for goodness sake) that rotundness trend a bit AND consume good tasting brew?

Answer = Yes.  And, more good news: they’re all session-able beers.. something about lower alcohol and fewer calories.. who knew?

Here are some Lo-Cal beer recommendations to explore that will help you prepare for bikini weather.  From my findings, Lo-cal typically means: lower calories (in the 90-100 ranges), and lower carbohydrates (in the 3g range).   As a comparison, “regular” craft beers can range from 170 – 240+ calories and 5 – 8g of carbohydrates.

I’ve divided them up into 2 groups: not too hoppy and hoppy.

Not hoppy

Omission Ultimate Light Golden Ale: ALL of Omission Brewery beers are gluten free (omitted, get it?). The Brewmaster’s wife was diagnosed with celiac which inspired him to brew beers they could enjoy together.  Awww.  At 99 calories, 3 carbs, and 4.2% abv I found this golden ale impressively crisp, not-hoppy, with a nice body (the beer, not me..)

Two Roads Cruise Control – The brewery that promotes taking the road less traveled offers this Helles lager as a 100 calorie, 4.8% abv straight up lager that my semi-fussy Jacks Abby lager devotee friend will love.

Yuengling light lager – The oldest brewery in the nation brings an excellent 99 calorie, 8.5 carbs, 3.8% abv easy drinking amber colored lager in great-taste-less-filling form.

Guinness – though a few more calories at 125, it’s hard to resist saying “honey, I AM taking dieting seriously, I’m drinking a Guinness”

Bring on the hops!

Peak Organic Slim Hazy – All ingredients in all Peak’s beers come from family owned sustainable farms and the farms grow as the brewery grows.  This hoppy, hazy, Lo-cal IPA weighs in at a minimalist 95 calories and only 3 carbs and 4.1% abv has a citrus nose and pine finish

Bells Light Hearted Lo-Cal IPA – Founder Larry Bell makes spectacular beer and this 110 calorie, 3.7% abv Light Hearted quaff has a bubble gum & piney hop profile that keeps his streak intact.

Firestone Walker Fly Jack - Terrific Brewery known for their magic with hops and makers of the full-bodied Mind Haze comes this very session-able citrus, hazy, crisp, 96 calories, 5g carbs offering.

Dogfish Head Slightly Mighty Lo-Cal IPA – Cool brewery known for its creativity and recently acquired by Samuel Adams brings us this solid 95 calories, 3.6g carbs, 4.0% abv quencher.  How do they do it?  From an ancient Chinese delicacy - monk fruit. Sweeter than sugar per ounce, monk fruit amplifies the body and complexity of the beer, yet contains no calories (dogfish.com)

All these beers, like most quality beers are better slightly warmer.  You’ll get more flavor that way.

I can feel the weight slipping off!

Please contact your local beer purveyor to see if they have these in stock or can order.

Let’s continue supporting each other to flatten the curve so we can drink some of the Lo-cal craft brews together and at a less than 6-foot distance.  Cheers!

The Katonah Beer Man

e:  TheKatonahBeerMan@gmail.com

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