CROSS RIVER, N.Y. – “I was looking forward to this spring season of John Jay tennis. There is a great group of boys that earned a roster spot through a long, hard tryout week. We have a lot of young talent. As in years past, we had a very competitive schedule, and this team would be up for the challenge! I know our two seniors, Sam Miller and Chris Mardirossian, would be fine captains and they were looking forward to finishing their John Jay tennis careers on a high note. Junior Oybek Askarov was looking to make a run for the state finals. Our team looks toward the future and knows that next spring will be a great one, and wish our seniors the best of luck at college.”

–Coach Mark Passman

Chris Mardirossian

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Favorite Position: While I mostly played doubles, I enjoyed and had hoped to continue playing singles this year.

Future Plans: I plan to continue playing tennis throughout my life and am eager to participate in the club team at Colgate.

Favorite Pre-Match Ritual: My favorite pre-match ritual would have to be eating something quick before a match. Although not really a “ritual,” having something to eat always distracted me and helped me to not become anxious or stressed before a potentially hard match.

Favorite JJ Tennis Memory: My favorite John Jay tennis memory would have to be making the team as a freshman. Coming into tryouts less than a year into high school and having a new coach, I was nervous. But with hard work and dedication to the sport, I was able to prove my worth. It’s an accomplishment I’ll never forget.

Least Favorite Tennis Drill: My least favorite conditioning drill has to be burpees.

Advice for the Younger Players: To the future tennis players: don’t be afraid to take risks on the court. The best tennis players are not afraid to try new things and go out of their comfort zone.

Sam Miller

Favorite Position: My favorite position on the tennis team would probably be playing doubles. One of the reasons why I really like it is because you get to play with one of your friends on your team and its a lot of fun. Another reason is because you get more opportunities to slam the ball at the other team from the net.

Future Plans: In the fall, I am attending the University of Rhode Island and I am planning on majoring in communications.

Favorite Pre-Match Ritual: My favorite pre-match ritual would be that I double knot my bandana around forehead twice, and I flip my tennis racket two times before the other team takes their first serve.

Favorite JJ Tennis Memory: My favorite John Jay tennis memory would be from my sophomore year on JV. We had a match during Jay Fest where I got to play first singles in front of a ton of people watching. We were playing Byram Hills and I went out and destroyed the kid in front of everyone. That was probably one of the greatest and most fun memories that I have.

Least Favorite Tennis Drill: My least favorite conditioning drill that I have had to do in the past is running from one side of the court to the other multiple times. In between sets we would have to do push-ups, burpees, and sit-ups which was really tiring.

Advice for the Younger Players: I would recommend that you get in shape before the season starts so that these drills aren’t as hard for you as they were for me. You should also be working out and playing as much tennis as possible in the offseason so that you are physically prepared to play the better teams.

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