KENILWORTH, NJ - Throughout the week, the Kenilworth Police Department continued its second annual Police Youth Academy. On Tuesday, July 12, the students visited the John H. Stamler Police Academy to tour the facility as well as use the Firearms Training Simulator, or F.A.T.S. The F.A.T.S. system is an interactive simulation that aims to simulate police calls and test a user’s judgement and reflexes.

Later that day, students were able to watch a class training various motorcycle officers throughout the county. The students also visited the Kenilworth Fire Department where they watched a demonstration of the various equipment that the department uses. Additionally, students were given a basic first aid and CPR demonstration.

On Wednesday the students were shown, in detail, the patrol vehicles used by the Kenilworth Police and the equipment that the officers carry on a daily basis. Later that day, instructors demonstrated proper ways to handle both low-risk and high-risk motor vehicle stops. Students had to act as officers themselves with simulated motor vehicle stop scenarios that involved armed passengers, illegal substances in the vehicle, pesky bystanders, and much more.

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Thursday was the last day of instruction for the students. After their daily physical training, students were given the opportunity to participate in a defensive driving course. Students were tasked with operating golf carts through various courses while wearing vision impairment goggles that simulate the effects of driving under the influence. The remaining time in the afternoon was spent practicing for the graduation that would be held the next day.  

Anna Giacalone is a student writer for TAP into Kenilworth.