KENILWORTH, NJ – Meet Felix Kenilworth's TAPinto Pet of the Week!

This is Felix, named after the cartoon “Felix The House Cat”. Felix was our first family pet. My wife Christine and I got him back in 2007 when we were still dating. We found out his entire litter found homes that day and nobody wanted him because he was a black cat, and people think they’re bad luck. We knew we needed to do the right thing. Initially, when we first played with him at the store, I thought he was pretty boring. Boy was I wrong. This cat has such a big personality, and we really fell in love with him. He’s given us so much joy over the years. Everything from playing what we call “Ninja Cat” where he sneaks up on you when you turn around, and stops when you face him, to hiding under clear table covers, thinking you can’t see him, and giving you taps when you walk by. He’s even been known to chase a laser pointer across three walls in a room in one running jump.

As luck would have it, he is a black cat actually born on Halloween. He even became the unofficial mascot for the paranormal research team we co-founded (NJPRO) a few years later.

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The kids love him too and it’s been great to see them bond, even after a rough start. He wasn't too comfortable with them, but now they’re very close. They’ve fallen in love with him the same way we did.

He’s an old man now and he isn’t getting around as easily as he used to, and has gotten a bit temperamental with some people and the other pets in the house. But overall he’s an incredible pet and friend. We are so lucky to have found him. We love him so much.

Submitted By: Andy Rivera

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