KENILWORTH, NJ – Meet Rubble Kenilworth's TAPinto Pet of the Week!

Rubble, The Rubs, Rubble is Trouble, Nono, Shaggy Dog. The pup with multiple names and multiple family members, but their very best friend. Rubble has been with the Pantano Family for quite some time now. It’s like no time has passed at all since he became a part of the seven of them. When they got Rubble, he was a little pup of just two years old. He immediately warmed up to them like he was one of the kids. Their lady dog, Kandi Kane, wasn’t too sure how she felt about this new addition to the family, and of course, she had to check out the competition. But turns out it wasn’t a competition at all, instead she found a best friend. Over the years they became closer and closer and did everything together, like siblings! It was the cutest thing in the world and although Kandi isn’t with them anymore, Rubble has found two new friends to share his home with and run around just like when he was a puppy. He may be twelve, but he acts like he’s two; running around with Charlee and Chewie. And trust me when I say, he’ll try to keep up even if he can’t. But watch out, he can be a little feisty if you mess with his family. Give him time to warm up and trust that he’ll give you some love because when Rubble loves, he loves unconditionally.

Submitted By: Shanon Pantano

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