KENILWORTH, NJ – David Brearley High School students who take Honors Chemistry classes participated in the Students-2-Science Biotech Day on Monday.

Students-2-Science Biotech Day encourages students to pursue careers in the STEM field by conducting real-time experiments and exposing students to functioning laboratories with professional scientists.

"The students looked at biological processes and technologies which can help heal, feed and provide fuel to the world in the near and distant future,” Superintendent Dr. Thomas Tramaglini wrote in his weekly roundup. “Students were exposed to various careers in biotechnology industries and the modern techniques and equipment used by these industries to separate, isolate, collect assay data, analyze this data, and formulate conclusions through collaboration.”

The David Brearley students conducted experiments that looked at hidden sugars in food, immune response to vaccines, detecting GMO’s (Genetically Modified Organisms) in food and biofuels.