KENILWORTH, NJ - The David Brearley High School Student of the Month for March is a successful, conscientious senior who always strives for excellence in whatever endeavor he pursues. 

Senior Tyler Harris is a top student who consistently earns top honors.  His excellent academic record earned him membership in the David Brearley chapter of the National Honor Society. 

Harris has contributed to the David Brearley Literary Magazine and is also an active member the Brearley golf team.

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Nazeer Elias is the middle-school Student of the month, he is a student that has shown real leadership in the classroom. He is always willing to help other students who are struggling and is a true motivator.

Elias has a true love of learning which is evident in the way he participates in class. You could always depend on him to ask insightful, deep questions that relate to the subject matter.

Elias is always kind and respectful to his classmates and teachers which again portrays an excellent role model for all to see.