KENILWORTH, NJ - David Brearley High School held its Senior Award Night on June 7. The list of students who received awards was provided by the school and can be read below:


Valedictorian, student with the highest GPA: Rebecca Pantano (1st in class)

Salutatorian, student with the second highest GPA: Nia McCullin (2nd in class)

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Music Boosters Scholarship Award: Richard Ermeus (Louis Armstrong Jazz Award), Zariah Underwood (John Phillip Sousa Award) and Sophia Fiorito (Vocal Music Award)

The Music Booster Scholarships recognize those students who excel in the areas of jazz, band, chorus, vocal drama, music education and performance and who have exemplified the essence of dedication to their craft. 


Louis Armstrong Jazz Award: Richard Ermeus

Louis Armstrong is considered the most important improviser in jazz, and he taught the world to swing.  He had an exciting and innovative style of playing that musicians imitate to this day.  Throughout his career, Armstrong spread the language of jazz around the world, serving as an international ambassador of swing.  His profound impact on the music of the 20th century continues to this day.  After his death, his wife founded the Louis Armstrong Jazz award in recognition of outstanding jazz students.


Theater Boosters Scholarship Award: Sophia Fiorito, Chelsea Anderson and David Rei

The Theater Booster Scholarships recognize students for their talent in the areas of dramatic and/or musical theater performance.


Backstage Bears Award: John Hartmann

The Backstage Bears Award recognizes students who excelled in areas of theater education and performance and also exhibited a commitment to excellence in the theater arts.


CAST: John Hartmann (Brearley Stage) and Sophia Florito (Acting/Singing)

Community Actor Student Theater is an organization that was established twenty-five years ago by Brearley’s own Pat Hubinger.  Members of CAST show a passion for music and the performing arts. Each year CAST hosts a summer production at David Brearley.  (Cast Scholarship for Acting/ Singing,Band & Stage)


David Brearley PTO Scholarships                                        

The David Brearley High School Parent Teacher Organization continues to provide six scholarships to students who demonstrate through the quality of their actions a commitment to service, good citizenship, and school leadership.  These students plan to continue their education at an institution of higher education.  This volunteer organization works in partnership with the school community and wishes to continue that partnership with the students through these scholarship awards.


Honoring the Valedictorian: Rebecca Pantano

Honoring the Salutatorian: Nia McCullin

Memorial Award Charles Vitale “Good Citizenship”: Kellianne Laurie, Jamie Goncalves, Jesse Goncalves & Eric Minarchenko

9/11 Memorial Award in Memory of John Tobin: Nicole Tancs & Daniel Cristello

9/11 Memorial Award in Memory of Sgt. Robert Kaulfers: Madison Rosa & Miranda Rosa

Memorial Award in Memory of Tim Carbone: Lindsay Lathrop

Memorial Award in Memory of Gildardo Mejia: Daniella Angrisano, Gabriella Angrisano & Madison Calello


Harding School PTO: Joseph Budis and Whitney Balwierzak

The Harding School Parent Teacher Organization Scholarship is an award given to a seniors who attended Harding School, demonstrated leadership, integrity and character and has been accepted to a two or four year college.


Tim Carbone Memorial Scholarship: Sydney David and Antonio Sacca

The Friends and Family of Tim Carbone Memorial Scholarship was established after Tim’s sudden death in April 2004.  Tim was a graduate of David Brearley Regional High School and in 1998 became our grounds keeper. His love of softball made him the best coach for his daughter Torey and her friends.  He is loved and missed by all.  This award is presented to a senior athlete who has demonstrated their commitment in academics and athletics, and who has consistently shown a level of caring and service comparable to Tim’s.


Kenilworth Recreation Award: John Hartmann and Sydney David

The Kenilworth Recreation awards two scholarships to a senior boy and girl who haves contributed to the Brearley athletic program, have demonstrated outstanding sportsmanship, and have maintained a good standing in the program.


Anthony F. Gonnella Memorial Scholarship: Mark Salama

Anthony F. Gonnella was a lifelong educator serving as a teacher, principal and superintendent of school in many New Jersey school districts. Mr. Gonnella started his teaching career at Jonathon Dayton Regional High School and had the opportunity to educate numerous Kenilworth students before moving into administration.  He was a 1955 graduate of Rutgers University and received a Master’s Degree in Administration & Supervision from Seton Hall University. This scholarship is funded by the Gonnella Family and is awarded to a Brearley Senior who plans on attending Rutgers University or plans on pursuing a career in education.


Jack and Selma Fein Scholarship: Salma Elmalah                                                                                   

The Jack and Selma Fein Memorial Scholarship This scholarship is awarded to a graduating, college-bound senior, for excellence in History with emphasis on Veterans.  The scholarship requires face-to-face volunteering, in the spirit of Jack and Selma Fein, who, in their retirement, dedicated nearly 30,000 hours of service to our Veterans in multiple venues.  They were also active in the Brearley Band Parents Association, and the Brearley Athletic Boosters.


United States Marine Corps Patriot Awards: Zaria Underwood and Tyler Oliveira

“The patriot award is given to those students for their honor, courage and commitment for taking the oath to protect and defend this country as a United States Marine.”   .


The David F. Curtin Memorial Forensics Scholarship: Chelsea Anderson

The Forensics Scholarships recognize those students who will be attending a two or four year school of higher learning.  Achieved a minimum of three years active membership on the Forensics Team, attained a minimum of bronze level membership in National Forensics League National Honor Society.   Is in good academic good standing at David Brearley, and whose attitude reflects the spirit of the program.


Kenilworth KVC/VFW Veterans Center Award

Kenilworth Post No. 2230 Veterans of Foreign Wars: Cory Hallam and Madison Calello             

The Veterans for Foreign Wars recognizes two seniors who have shown interest in America’s Veterans, traditions, institutions, civic responsibility and patriotism.  The award is given to students on the basis of a 500 word essay submitted to the Voice of Democracy program of the Veterans of Foreign Wars essay contest.  


Kenilworth PBA #135 Scholarships

Warren T. Jaeckel Memorial Scholarship : Whitney Balwierzak and Sydney David                                                             

The Warren T. Jaeckel Memorial Scholarship is sponsored by the Kenilworth PBA #135 in memory of their friend and fellow officer, who tragically died in an automobile accident caused by a drunk driver in 1980.  Warren Jaeckel was a graduate of David Brearley Regional High School and attended Union County Vocational-Technical High School, where he graduated in June of 1971.  He studied criminal justice at Trenton State College and graduated with honors. Warren Jaeckel joined the Kenilworth Police Department in 1976.  


Angelo A. “Chic” Cicariello Memorial Scholarship: Nicole Tancs and Joseph Scanio

The Angelo A. “Chic” Cicariello Scholarship is sponsored by the Kenilworth PBA #135.  Chic, as he was known by his family and friends, owned and operated his own disposal business for over 50 years.  He gave from his heart to any one that needed his help. This scholarship is presented to a senior girl and boy who does well academically, participates in extra curricular activities, demonstrates integrity and good character, has leadership skills and shows a sincere and caring attitude towards others.


The Pride in Kenilworth Award: Tron Vi and Julia Dobel                                                                         

The Pride in Kenilworth Award is sponsored by the Office of the Mayor.  It is awarded to a senior boy and girl who have contributed to the school and community and demonstrates good citizenship.


Kenilworth Fire and Rescue Award: Kellianne Laurie                         

The Kenilworth Fire and Rescue Squad is comprised of members of the community who volunteer their time to protect our homes and our lives.  The Kenilworth Fire and Rescue Award acknowledge three students who show interest in the field and have exhibited a genuine caring for others.



 Kenilworth Rotary Club: Sydney David and Jesse Goncalves 

The Kenilworth Rotary Club continues its long-standing support of David Brearley High School students by awarding two need based scholarships to students who have  demonstrated their dedication to excellence in academics, leadership, as well as both school and community service.  Rotary is a worldwide organization of business and professional leaders that provides humanitarian services, encourages high ethical standards in all vocations, and helps build goodwill in the world.  The local branch of Rotarians continues to lead by example in their support of this school community.  


Kenilworth Education Association: Michael Orlowski and Lucero Torres                    

The Kenilworth Education Association continues to support the students of David Brearley High School through a scholarship established by the faculty and staff of the Kenilworth School District.  The scholarship award is presented to a student demonstrating superior academic achievement and good citizenship.


Horace W. Heyman Memorial Scholarship: Gregory Slahor                    

The Horace W. Heyman Scholarship has been in existence since David Brearley opened in 1967.  Horace Heyman graduated from Barringer High in Newark.  In 1926, he founded the Heyman Manufacturing Company in Union.  The company relocated to Kenilworth in the early 1930’s.  They manufactured metal stampings which served as a primary supplier to the US Government during the war.  In the late 1950’s, they were an injection molding pioneer, manufacturing electrical components to serve the cordset industries.  Horace served as President and Chairman of the Board until his death in 1967. The company operated on Michigan Avenue through 2001 when they relocated to Toms River.  He was one of the founders and President of the Kenilworth Manufacturers Association and a President of the Kenilworth Rotary Club.  This award is $1,000 annually. 


Kenilworth Good Samaritan Award: Julian Chacon                                                      

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Mannix established this scholarship in 1999.  This award is presented to a student who has shown great strength and represents the school and community, through sports or extracurricular activities in an admirable way.


Kenilworth Senior Citizens Club: Jackie Romero   

The Senior Citizens’ of Kenilworth have been awarding a scholarship for our students since 1967. This award is given to a student exhibiting good citizenship.


Bobby Kaulfers Braveheart: Amanda Manresa and Victoria Scorese

This scholarship was established as a memoriam to Sgt. Bobby Kaulfers, who worked for the Port Authority Police and who gave his life for our freedom on 9/11.  Bobby lived in Kenilworth with his wife and children. The Bobby Kaulfers Braveheart 9/11 Scholarship is awarded to a senior who intends to pursue a career in public service, and has demonstrated loyalty and commitment to David Brearley High School.


St. Theresa’s School Social Concerns Scholarship: Kellianne Laurie                                          

St. Theresa’s Social Concerns is awarded to a student who attended St. Theresa’s school and also demonstrates concern and caring.


Famiglietti Scholarship, In Memory of Antonio Famiglietti: David Rei

This scholarship is presented to a senior of a need based who plans to pursue his/her education at institute of higher education.       


David Brearley Athletic Booster Club Athlete Awards: The Kenilworth Booster Club continues to support David Brearley High School student/athletes. These recipients demonstrate their commitment to academics and athletics and will be attending a two or four year program of higher learning.  

Athletic Booster Club Scholarship Awards: Varsity athletes who demonstrates leadership, excellence of character, integrity and have made an impact on the lives of others.

Senior Varsity Athlete Awards:

Peter Siragusa Memorial Scholarship-Richard Ermeus

Tim Carbone Memorial Scholarship-Daniella Angrisano

Thomas Santaguida Memorial Scholarship-Gabriella Angrisano      


Senior Athleticism and Volunteerism Awards:

Phyllis and Rob Reuter Memorial Scholarship: Nicole Tancs

Sgt. Robert Kaulfers Memorial Scholarship: Jamie Goncalves

John Tobin Memorial Scholarship: Madison Rosa

Charles Vitale Scholarship: Heather Braun

Russell McNair Scholarship: Miranda Rosa

Michael Bibbo Memorial Scholarship: Jesse Goncalves

Gildardo Mejia Memorial Scholarship: Dylan Zickgraf


Kenilworth Bears Awards, In Memory of Dominick W. Chango, Jr.: Robert Moscicki.       

The Kenilworth Pop Warner program was started by Dominick W. Chango, Jr.  He dedicated his life to help the youth of Kenilworth. This organization is supported by parents whose children are involved in sports.  


In Memory of Phyllis Reuter: Nicole Tancs                                                                                                    

Phyllis Reuter was a lifelong resident of Kenilworth.  She was always ready and willing to lend a helping hand to anyone in need.  She could always be found supporting her children and grandchildren at all sporting events.  


Better Auto Care Athletic Scholarship: Nicholas Arcieri and Tamara Pittman                                       

Mr. Eli Felner, owner of Better Auto Care on Michigan Avenue, and his family were actively involved in sports at Brearley.  This scholarship is awarded to a student athlete with the highest GPA.


The Daniel Triano Memorial Scholarship: Antonio Sacca and John Hartmann         

The Daniel Triano Memorial Fund was established to honor Daniel for his love of his family, his contributions to his community and his peers.  The recipient of this award must demonstrate the same altruistic ideals that were embraced by Daniel and must have a strong commitment to performing volunteer work that has a positive impact on other individuals.  The recipient must also be supportive his/her peers, especially in times of adversity where perseverance can only be achieved with their help.


Dr. Jerome Foreman Award: Robert Mosciki

Dr. Forman graduated from David Brearley Regional High School in 1975.  He was a member of the Brearley Bears Football team.  Currently a dentist in town, Dr. Forman became our team dentist when the school re-opened in 1997.   Every year he gives a scholarship to a varsity football player with the highest GPA grade point average.   


Jonathan Dayton/David Brearley Hockey Team Award, In Memory of Daniel Triano: Tyler Oliveira

This award will be given to a senior who has played hockey for 4 years and has a B average.  The student needs to be a leader/ role model on and off the ice.


Susan Lang Memorial Art Scholarship: Madison Calello 

Mrs. Marilyn Stiglitz, in memory of her daughter Susan Lang, established an annual art scholarship in 2013.  Each year, an outstanding art student who exhibits Susan’s courage and drive is awarded $1000 to be used toward their higher education art studies.


(UCIAC)Union County Interscholastic Athletic Conference: Sydney David and Walter Centeno                                                                                                         ​​​​​​​   

NJ State Coaches Association: Faith Kelly and Gianna Lospinoso



The following students will receive a gift certificate for achievement in the following areas:

 Achievement in Arts: Jessica Boudreau

Achievement in Instrumental Music: Zaria Underwood

Achievement in Business: Richard Ermeus

Achievement in English: Nia McCullin

Achievement in Social Studies: Salma Elmalah

Achievement in Physical Education: Amanda Manresa

Achievement in Science: Eric Minarchenko

Achievement in Spanish: Rebecca Pantamo

Achievement in Italian: Lauren Carter

Achievement in Technology: Tron Vi

Achievement in Vocal Music: Sophia Fiorito

Community Service: Julia Dobel

School Spirit and Service: Briana McCray

Achievement in Math: Tyler Harris