KENILWORTH, NJ – Junior Girl Scout Troop 40460 finished their Journey and Action Project for the Saint Herbert’s Animal Welfare Center throughout the quarantine. Troop leaders Nina Vera and Anne Marie Ferrari stated that normally the project is done in a series of in-person meetings, but due to the coronavirus pandemic the girls accomplished it virtually.

The girls worked on the Journey Agent of Change throughout their fourth-grade year. Ferrari went on to explain the project in further detail. “They have worked on the components of the power of one (individual power), the power of team (building a consensus for a cause), and the power of community." The majority of the meetings for their journey took place at Harding School Cafeteria. April 15, 2020, all fifteen girls showed up for their Zoom meeting to help culminate their Journey and discuss the action project.

“The girls worked on strategies about building a consensus” Ferrari continued. "One of their favorite methods of coming to an agreement was the “Fist-to-Five” technique. The “Fist-to-Five” technique involves each girl holding up zero to five fingers depending on their opinion about a topic. Five fingers would mean “It’s great- I want to lead this,” four fingers would mean “It’s a good idea,” three fingers would mean “I can live with it,” a closed fist would mean “complete disagreement.”

The conclusion of the journey included each Junior Girl Scout picking an action project that they all agreed they feel passionate about. The girls unanimously decided to help sheltered dogs. Due to the girl's awareness of the importance of social distancing, they chose to bake homemade doggy biscuits from their homes. This involved dropping off doggy biscuits in a plastic bag on the leader’s front steps, so that she could then drop them off in front of St Hubert's door on April 25. Ferrari very proud of the girls says “Stay tuned, since the girls have now completed their Journey and Action Project, they are now eligible to work on their bronze award next year. It will be interesting to see what cause they will feel most passionate about doing for their 20-hour-long community service project."