KENILWORTH, NJ – Nicky Pallito, 12, from the Colòn Trained Wrestling School, won the 2019 Pin Cancer Nationals tournament in Easton, PA, August 10. Every win was by way of fall, and not one point was scored on him. Pallito wrestled for Suzanne Zawacki, a Kenilworth resident, mom, coach, and Union Township teacher who is battling breast cancer. Abe Zaretsky and Michael Farrell, both Kenilworth residents and Colòn Trained, also competed in the tournament. Zaretsky came in fourth, and the team finished third in the standings.

Coach Filiberto Colòn said, “the boys wrestled with a lot of heart and toughness. Nicky Pallito, who took the national title home at junior 87 lbs, reached the objective of the sport by pinning all three of his opponents but did it in a dominating fashion that not one opponent scored a point. Abe Zaretsky showed a lot of hear and good listening skills by closing the gap on an opponent he lost to earlier in the tournament 10-0 only losing to him 4-2 to take fourth. Michael Farrell, competing but not placing wrestled tough and used the moves we go over effectively.” The team placing third in the tournament Colòn stated, “it was an overall great job and is a result of all the work our boys put into training.” Coach Colòn is a three-time NJ place winner for the Belleville Buccaneers holding the BU pin record for years and currently in second.

The tournament was a success and raised 141,000.000 dollars for cancer. Pin Cancer is a 501 ©3 nonprofit organization aimed to unite the wrestling world in the fight against cancer. The wrestling tournament encourages awareness and raises donations for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.