KENILWORTH, NJ – Kenilworth Public Schools have joined the numerous organizations cautioning parents and guardians against showing the Netflix series “13 Reasons Why.”

The Netflix series, based on the bestselling teen novel by Jay Asher, depicts the suicide of a high school student who leaves behind audio recordings for 13 people, mainly fellow students, whom she says were the causes for her death. The show depicts drug use, rape and violence, and features warnings of graphic scenes before certain episodes. It has been rated by Netflix as TV-Mature.

“The release of the series which teenagers may have access to has caused several organizations to release statements of caution,” Superintendent Dr. Thomas W. Tramaglini said in a letter addressed to parents and guardians. “For instance, the National Association of School Psychologists suggested, ‘We do not recommend that vulnerable youth, especially those who have any degree of suicidal ideation, watch this series. It’s powerful storytelling may lead impressionable viewers to romanticize the choices made by the characters and/or develop revenge fantasies.’”

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It was announced by Netflix on Sunday that “13 Reasons Why” was renewed for a second season. Tramaglini urges anyone with questions to reach out to the David Brearley counselors at any time.

“We are also taking caution with regards to this issue and parents/guardians should be aware of the content in this series,” Tramaglini wrote. “Thank you for your attention to this very important issue.”